We Love Marianas Trench

We had such a blast rocking out with Marianas Trench in Montreal on Tuesday night! 
Here are a few pics we took at the show. Eat your <3 out M Trencher fans! 

Contest Alert!

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Festival Season Is Upon Us

South by South West is underway and you know what that means! Music season is officially upon us! 
We can't help but daydream about all the possible outfits one could make with our amazing Spring/Summer 13 collection. Here's one staple outfit that we love love love! 

DIY Floral Nails

Is it just me or WHEN is it going to be spring already?!
Well, if you can't wait any longer for the flowers to bloom, you might want to bust out your nail polish kit and try this super easy spring-y manicure to tide you over!

What you'll need:

Polish colors
-Dark purple
-Bright red
-Dark red

-Top & base coat optional (but recommended!)

-1 bobby pin

Get Started

1. Start by painting your nails white. Be sure to give them enough time to dry completely!

2. Apply bright red polish to the tip of the bobby pin and make random dots on all nails. Then do the same with the lavender polish. 

3. Once these "dots" are relatively dry (you want them to be a bit goopy) apply dots of the darker shades on top. Swirl the bobby pin in a circular motion so that the two colors blend together, creating a rose effect. 

4. Once they're dry, add in some random leaves!  
(I recommend using the bobby pin for the leaves as well since you have more control than with a brush.)

5. Wait until your nails are completely dry before adding a top coat, or you'll risk smudging your flowers.

C'est tout! If you try these out, be sure to share your creations with us on twitter or instagram