DIY: Découpage Floral Bag

Yesterday, in celebration of Earth Day, we decided to get crafty with one of our fave purses. 
We decided to go boho with our DIY, but you can use any pattern or print that floats your boat to create your our découpage bag!
And seriously though...who doesn't love having a completely one of a kind bag? 

Here's what you'll need to get your DIY on: 

- A handbag 
- A paper plate
- Painters tape
- Scissors
- 2 paint brushes
-1/2 a meter of cotton fabric of your choice 

Step 1: 
      Cover any of the purses hardware with painters tape.

Step 2: 
Prep your paint. Squeeze out a little bit of paint to start.

Step 3:
Start painting! 
Begin with a thin layer. Note: you may need to do a few coats depending on the paint you're using. 
We did 3 ;)
Also note...let each coat dry completely before doing the next!

Step 4: 
While you're waiting for the paint to dry, cut out the flowers (or patterns) from your fabric. Be careful to cut carefully, or you'll end up with all kinds of loose threads!

Step 5:
Once the bag is painted, and dry, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to your cut-outs and stick them on your bag.

Step 6:
Once all of your cut-outs are secure, go over them with a thin coat of Mod Podge.

Step 7:
Remove the painters tape and voila! Your very own, one of a kind bag!

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Happy crafting!