This Valentine's day, wear your heart on your sleeve, literally! 

Follow these steps for a heart felt V-day!

 Here's what you'll need to get your DIY on:

-Ardene sweatshirt (check out our 50% off styles)
-2 sheets of red felt (we used 9x12 sheets)
-8 large safety pins
-Piece of 8.5x11 paper

 Step 1:
Fold your piece of paper in half and draw half a heart.

Cut it out to use as your stencil.

Step 2:
Fold the red felt sheet in half. Trace around the heart stencil and cut.
Repeat for the second heart.
Step 3:
Safety pin the heart patch on the back of each sleeve.
We went with safety pins, so the patches can be easily removed on Feb 15th,
without ruining your sweatshirt!
(tip: try on your top and mark with the tape where to position the hearts)

psssssst...Add your own personal touches!
-Mix it up and expose the safety pins by pinning on the outside.
-Add your significant other's initials with a marker.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Be sure to share your DIY's with us using #ArdeneDIY on Instagram!



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