Ardene and the Heart and Stroke Foundation have teamed up to create exclusive hair ties that are meant to inspire girls to MOVE MORE!
Proceeds from the sale of these hair ties will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation
to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
Show us how you rock your MOVE MORE hair ties (available in stores!) using #ARDENECARES on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the chance to win a $250 MOVE workout wardrobe. Click here for more info. 
 No purchase necessary, see the complete rules and regulations at for more details.
*Contest runs until Sunday June 1st, 2014.

Good luck!

Musical Mondays

Miley Cyrus performing Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness"?
The X Factor winners Alex and Sierra covering One Direction's "Best Song Ever"?
The Wanted singing the 90's track "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls?

For our latest soundcloud playlist, we wanted to change things up by bringing back some of our favorite pop and rock remixes. They are so good, it's like listening to them for the first time!

Do you prefer the original or the remix?


#Flashback Friday

As much as we love Friday, we love a great #Flashback Friday even more!
Travel back in time with our favorite vintage-inspired tees!
 Available in-stores and online.
For the Superhero in You
Which do you prefer?

 For the Girly Girl
Which do you prefer?

For the Cartoon Junkie
Which do you prefer?

Can't decide which are your favorite? That's ok because these graphic tees are 2/$30
*promotion subject to change



In honour of our glorious earth, we decided to celebrate Earth Day with a super cute DIY!

There's no better way to brighten up your bedroom (or in this case our office) than with some pretty flowers or herbs! (Your mom will be pretty stoked if you let her use some fresh herbs when she's cooking.) #BrowniePoints!

We decided to keep it simple and eco friendly with a mini DIY egg crate garden.

Here's what you'll need to get your DIY on:

-Seeds of your choice (we chose Oregano, Basil, SweetPea, Candytuft)
-Potting mix
-Carton of eggs
-Watering can
-1 pin
-Sharpie (optional)

Step 1:
Poke a few holes at the bottom of the each egg with a pin.
This will allow any excess water that the plant can't absorb to drip out the bottom of each egg.
This being said, it is a good idea to put something under your egg carton to catch any water droplets! 

Step 2:
Time to empty the egg shells! Just tap the top of each egg with a knife. It should break right off, but if it doesn't just pull  gently with your fingers! 

The purpose of this DIY is to be as eco-friendly as possible, right?! So save those yolks! 
Scrambled eggs anyone?

Step 3:
Rinse out any excess yolk from the shells, so they are nice and clean :)

Step 4:
Cut the egg carton accordingly based on how many herbs/flowers you wish to grow. 

Step 5 (optional):
To keep track of what you're planting, take a sharpie and mark each eggshell.

Step 6:
Add 1-2 teaspoons of soil to each eggshell. 

 Step 7:
Make a little fingerprint in the soil and place the seeds inside. Then add 1 more spoonful of soil on top.

 Step 8:
Now you are ready to water the soil and watch your little seeds come to life!

Watering Tips:
-Use room temperature water
-Do not over-water
(We watered our garden every second day.)
-Keep in direct sunlight

After just 1 week, we started to see some little sprouts!

Here is our garden after two weeks! 

Happy Earth Day friends! Be sure to check out our online exclusive for 22% off all orders, today online!

Share your DIY's with us using #ArdeneDIY on Instagram


We Heart Music

Our hearts melt for the British lead singer, songwriter and guitarist, Michael Rosenberg,
best known by his stage name Passenger.
His brand new single "Hearts on Fire," from the upcoming album "Whispers," was just released worldwide. For those of you that are as excited as we are, the album is set to drop in June!

*video shared from
We were lucky enough to catch a live performance of Passenger on the streets of LA.
His performance of "Hearts on Fire" drew in quite the crowd... Check out how close we got :)
 *Property of Ardene

What do you think of the new single?


We've teamed up with Canadian blogger Lena from Quality Rivets
who is showing off our new collection MOVE by Ardene!

Lena is a fashion buyer and blogger from Montreal, QC.
We love her effortlessly cool style, and we were thrilled when she agreed to collaborate with us!

Check out how she MOVES during her free time!
These looks are now BOGO 50% in select stores and online.
*promotion is subject to change

Checking in on the world of fashion and blogging.
 White sporty tee
Yellow sports bra
Black tribal flip shorts

Practicing yoga.
Black zipped hoodie
Floral flip shorts
Peach sports bra

Pre-running stretch.
Black zip-up windbreaker
Pink lace racerback tank
Tribal capri leggings

Shooting hoops with friends.
White pull-over hoodie
 Breathable grey capri leggings
Tropical snapback cap 2/$15

Lounging with family by the fire.
White tiger print tank
Grey harem capri sweatpants

We had the chance to chat with Lena and get some inside scoop!

Where do you get style inspiration from?
"Everywhere! I get inspiration from other bloggers, window shopping,  
flipping through fashion magazines, and from multiple style icons such as Cara Delevingne"

Describe your personal style?
"My style is classic with some edge. I follow the current trends however I like to adapt them into my own personal style. And while I love my high heels, I couldn’t live without a classic sneaker!"

What do you think of the MOVE collection?
"Right on trend, comfortable and easy to wear!"

Tell us your fave outfit in the comments, 
and show us how you move using #ArdeneMadeToMove on Instagram.

You can also visit our Pinterest #ArdeneMadeToMove board for more styles and inspiration!

Festival Round Up!

While Coachella is better known as one of the most popular music festivals in the world, it is also notoriously famous for it's celebrity sightings and incredible fashion.

We set out to Indio, California for weekend 1 of the festival and took in the desert sun (sandstorm included), music acts like Lorde and Lana Dey Rey and spotted some rad outfits that you can easily recreate at Ardene! Whether you're attending a festival this summer or not, scroll down & take a cue from these trendy attendees for some serious summer style!

The trend: Highwaist Denim Shorts

Oh highwaist denim shorts...a clear festival favorite amongst fest goers and celebs alike! Camilla Belle, pictured below, was spotted wearing daisy print shorty shorts, very similar to ours

*Image source.

Get the look: 

Lace racerback tank 2/$20
Highwaist daisy print denim shorts 2/$40
Tiger print sneakers 2/$20
Sunnies 2/$15

The trend: Mesh Details

Superfine mesh accents were a popular choice amongst the "street style" fest goers. This trendy attendee caught our attention in a massive crowd between her leatherette shorts, boxy top and reflector sunnies! 

*Image property of Ardene
Get the look: 

Boxy fit top
Leather style shorts BOGO 50%
White sneakers
Aviator reflector sunnies 2/$15

The trend: Floral Dresses 

The print of Coachella 2014 was without a doubt florals. Spotted on everything from dresses to shorts to jumpsuits, to rompers & accessories, this trend is definitely here to stay. 

*Image source

Get the look: 

The trend: Bloomers 
(Definition: old fashion, loose-fitting "underpants" that are worn as shorts. In case you were wondering ;)

This playful trend emerged at last year’s Coachella festival and has been picking up momentum ever since. And why not? They're cute and oh so comfy! Just look at how happy this festival goer is in her sunflower bloomers! 

*image property of Ardene
Get the look: 

White crop racerback tank 3/$15
Daisy printed bloomers
High top sneakers 2/$20 (also available in black)
*promotions are subject to change

Need more Coachella in your life? Check out our festival recap album on facebook here

Attending a festival or a sweet concert this summer? We wanna hear about it in the comments!


Magic! Monday

We are jammin' to the reggae pop band Magic! from Toronto, Ontario.

The band consists of lead singer and songwriter: Nasri Atweh,
as well as guitarist Mark Pellizzer, Alex Tanas on drums, and Ben Spivak on bass.
(interesting fact: Nasri Atweh has written pop songs for Justin Bieber and Pitbull!)

The hit song "Rude" was inspired by the lead singer's exgirlfriend being rude to him one night...
"Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too?"

*video shared from

Check out an interview with the band Magic! and Montreal's Virgin radio.

*video shared from

Has an ex ever been Rude to you? Are you still friends with an ex?
This song is such a hit, that even the lead singer's exgirlfriend loves it!

Flower Power!

You don't need to be going to a music festival to wear a flower hair accessory!
We'd wear one any day, and in different ways!
1 hair bandeau = 3 ways to rock it!

Hair bandeau 4/$10
Available in stores
*promotion subject to change

 Look # 1
Make a side braid and wrap the hair bandeau over the braid from top to bottom.
 Look # 2
Keep your hair down and place the bandeau just over your hair.

Look # 3
Wrap the hair bandeau around your top knot!
What's your favorite look?

What Is Your Festival Style?

We love everything about festival season, especially the fashion!
Get out a pen and paper, and take our #ArdeneRocks quiz below to find your festival style!
Question 1: When it comes to festival season, you couldn't live without your:
A. Denim shorts
B. Studded backback 
C. Romper
D. Flower headband
 Question 2: Your ideal celebrity sighting would be:
A. Kate Bosworth
B. Ashley Benson
C. Jessica Lowndes
D. Vanessa Hudgens
                      (from left to right: images sourced from,,,
Question 3: The nail color you'd rock at Coachella is:

Question 4: You'd be most excited to see perform:
A. Ellie Goulding
B. Lorde
C. Kate Nash
D. Arcade Fire
 images sourced from
Question 5: Your go-to shoes are:
A. Cutout booties 
B. Classic sneakers
C. Black wedges
D. Camel sandals 
Now that you finished the quiz, here's how to find out your festival style!

If you answered mostly A's, your style is:

Always rockin' the latest fashion, you're definitely a girly-girl with edge!
 While you are fashion forward, you know which trends work best for you!
If you answered mostly B's, your style is:

You have a great sense of style and love being comfy.
You know just when to wear your studded boots, and when sneakers are in order!
If you answered mostly C's, your style is:

You got the glam thing working for you! You like to dress up, but add a personal twist.
You get style inspiration from fashion magazines, bloggers and celebrities.

If you answered mostly D's, your style is:

You're in luck because the hippie, boho look is right on trend!
You don't need to be at Coachella to wear a flower crown!