Looking to revamp your denim? If so, patch it up!
Adding a patch (or 2!) gives your denim a vintage, lived-in vibe and creates an edgy rebel feel.
No wonder it's the latest trend in the denim world! 

Here's what you'll need to get your DIY on:

-A pair of denim 
-Fabric of your choice (Tip: cut up an old top that you know you'll never wear again!)
-Fabric glue

Step 1:

Using your chalk, mark the spot where you want your patch(es) to go.  Putting on the jeans for this step is incredibly helpful! 
We opted for 1 patch and decided to cut a slit on the opposite knee for a little added edge.

Step 2:

Cut along the chalk lines. 
Tip: If you want to fray your denim, use a pair of tweezers and pull at the loose threads.

Step 3:

Cut your fabric! 
Make sure the patch(es) you cut is larger then the hole(s) you made!
You'll need a little extra room for the next step. 

Step 4:

Turn your denim inside out. Add fabric glue along the edge of the hole(s) and place your patch(es) over.
Tip: don't put the glue too close to the edges or the glue will run through. 

Step 5:

Carefully tap down on the fabric to secure the glue.
Let it dry for at least 2 hours before trying on.


And voila! 
If you want to score some extra trend points, wear a jean shirt with your new patchwork denim.


Take your look to the next level and match your #nailart. 

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As we get closer to the end of May (hello almost summer time!) we thought we'd recap some of our fave pieces spotted around the Head Office this month!

Aloha from our Copywriter seen wearing our Aloha tee.

 Our Design Manager and PR Specialist sporting our super cute sweatshirts!
*Available in stores

Apparently our Social Media Specialist #KissedASurfer

One of our Graphic Artists in our cool and comfy sandals!

Our copywriter, aka our biggest fan, sporting our Rolling Stones band tee, 
crochet cardigan and reflector aviator sunnies. #LOVE!

Be sure to share your best Ardene #ootds with us on Insta for a chance to be featured!


*promotions subject to change


John Mayer covered Beyonce's track XO and we are loving it, like XO!

*shared from

It is so cool when a totally unexpected cover song like this one is released.
It's also cool when musicians' praise one another, like John Mayer did last month on Twitter.

We featured Beyonce's XO back in February, which version do you prefer?

For more remixes, check out our Soundcloud playlist Sweet Remixes!



What a great way to kick off the weekend by seeing our maxi dress featured in LOULOU magazine!

This tribal print & sheer dress is the perfect transitional dress from day to night!
For a more casual daytime look, throw on a pair of flats and a denim vest over for an effortlessly cool look.
For a more elegant evening look, pair this dress with strappy heelsearrings, and a cute clutch!

Check out more of our amazing dresses available in stores and online.
Let us know which is your fav!



We are sending summer vibes your way with our summer 2014 video.

Click below and get inspired!

*video shared from
Leave a comment with your fav look :)



The term "selfie" has become an official recognized term
for taking a self-portrait (or a pic with a friend!) at arm's length and sharing it on a social media.

The Chainsmokers, responsible for the "#Selfie" song, have shared these tips on how to take the perfect #Selfie!

1) You wanna have a good phone.

2) You have to tilt the phone at a little bit of an angle.

3) You want some good light coming in from the front... not behind you.

4) Don't do duck face - no duck faces, people.

5) Yoga pants on girls.

6) Good filter - definitely XX-Pro or Valencia.

7) Smile! Sad selfies are very depressing!

*sourced from

Even our photoshoot models are taking selfies between takes.
Wonder which filter they used?

These tips are tried and true!
Our copywriter taking a #selfie in our ever so appropriate #Selfie tank.
Available in stores. 

Are you on board with the #Selfie movement?



Can't wait for summer? Us neither! 
Get a head start with our stylists' totally tropi-cool looks!

Shop these styles from left to right:
Scarf 2/$15
Jumpsuit $19.50
Tropical print tank $14.50
Pineapple top 2/$20
Sunglasses 2/$20
Loafers 2/$20

Which is your fav?

Available in stores and online.
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We just can't get enough of Rita Ora's new single "I Will Never Let You Down"
produced by her boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris.
Not only is this dance track potentially the anthem of our summer,
but at the very least it promises to get you energized on a Monday!

*video shared from

This girl is the real deal.  She's a singer, dancer and a major fashion icon. 
We're especially loving that leather cap, and layers upon layers of chunky jewelry! Not to mention the denim on denim action. How very 90's! (How very awesome.)

Wanna recreate Rita's look? We've got your 90's need covered.

Faux leather cap 2/$15 (we added a gold chain headwrap around the cap)
Necklaces starting at 2/$15
Oversize hoop earrings 3/$10
White crop tank 3/$15
Denim shirt $19.50
Boyfriend denim 2/$40
Strappy heels BOGO 50%
Belt 2/$15
Polish 3/$10

*cost and promotions are subject to change

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Things That Make Us Smile: Mother's Day Edition!

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to feature vintage pictures of some of the Ardene Head Office girls with their moms.  Flashing back to the early 80's and 90's was reason enough to make us smile, or even giggle.... (think bad hair cuts & grandma couches) but also because these pics are just flat out adorable! 

With the obvious cute factor + mother daughter bonding aside, read on to see the other reasons these pics make us smile!  Plus we'll tell you what these little girls are up to now!

Reason this makes us smile: Just look at the vintage sofa! Enough said. 
What she's up to now: Ardene E-commerce Copywriter. 

Reason this makes us smile: Those bangs and that bob! No wonder this mom raised such a little fashionista.
What she's up to now: Ardene Stylist. (Obvi!)

Reason this makes us smile: That vintage bandana, which we hope she kept btw! 
What she's up to now: Clothing Buyer at Ardene. 

Reason this makes us smile: Look at that lil #ootd including baby sized colored denim!  
What she's up to now: Social Media Specialist at Ardene. 

Reason this makes us smile: Back in the day, every time was a good time for PJ's, even if Mom was all dressed up! 
What she's up to now:  Marketing Coordinator at Ardene. 

Reason this makes us smile: Vintage B&W pics are always just so lovely!
What she's up to now:  Ardene's PR Specialist

Props to these moms for raising such awesome Ardene employees!
Happy Mother's day!

Printable Cards for Mother's Day

Look no further for the perfect way to wish your Mom the happiest Mother's Day.

We've got you covered with the cutest printable cards in town! 

1. Right click the card of your choice.
2. Save the image to your desktop.
3. Print! 

Pour la version française, clique ici

Pour la version française, clique ici

Pour la version française, clique ici

Pour la version française, clique ici

Wishing all the lovely Mom's out there a fabulous day!


Music Monday For Mother's Day

With Mother's Day just around the corner,
we wanted to dedicate this sweet song to mom's everywhere!

Taylor Swift wrote the song "The Best Day" for her mom...
What can we say? She took the words right out of our mouth!

Share this video with your mom!

*video shared from

Check out the sweet lyrics:
I'm five years old 
It's getting cold 
I've got my big coat on 

I hear your laugh 
And look up smiling at you 
I run and run 

Past the pumpkin patch 
And the tractor rides 
Look now -- the sky is gold 
I hug your legs and fall asleep 
On the way home 

I don't know why all the trees change in the fall 
I know you're not scared of anything at all 
Don't know if Snow White's house is near or far away 
But I know I had the best day 
With you today 

I'm thirteen now 
And don't know how my friends 
Could be so mean 

I come home crying and you hold me tight and grab the keys 

And we drive and drive 
Until we've found a town 
Far enough away 

And we talk and window-shop 
Until I've forgotten all their names 

I don't know who I'm gonna talk to 
Now at school 
I know I'm laughing on the car ride home with you 
Don't know how long it's gonna take to feel okay 
But I know I had the best day 
With you today 

I have an excellent father 
His strength is making me stronger 
God smiles on my little brother 
Inside and out 
He's better than I am 

I grew up in a pretty house 
And I had space to run 
And I had the best days with you 

There is a video 
I found from back when I was three 
You set up a paint set in the kitchen 
And you're talking to me 

It's the age of princesses and pirate ships 
And the seven dwarfs 
Daddy's smart 
And you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world 

Now I know why all the trees change in the fall 
I know you were on my side 
Even when I was wrong 
And I love you for giving me your eyes 
Staying back and watching me shine 

And I didn't know if you knew 
So I'm taking this chance to say 
That I had the best day 
With you today
*sourced from