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Long weekends mean fun with friends and fabulous ootds!

Outfits always depend on the activities involved. For many, Labor Day weekend is a last chance to hit the beach or the outdoors with all the freedom that summer promises. Here are a some cool #OOTDs that could inspire your ensembles!

1. If you're planning on ditching the outdoors and staying in...
DON'T KILL MY VIBE!!! I'm rolled up in a blanket like a burrito and binge-watching Netflix for a last-chance all-nighter.

2. If you're planning on spending time in the sun...
Here's a SUPERCUTE OOTD that you can rock from the boardwalk, to the movies, to the park.

Accessorizing is key! Cute, dainty, simple, yet outstanding jewelry is a must. Don't forget those rockin' shades, either.

Be ready for anything! What if you see someone you like? Some cute makeup/nails and your trusty camera can go a long way. Stuff it all in your crossbody!

When in doubt...wear denim. End of story.

3. If you're going to say aurevoir to the beach...Here's what you will need for serious sand play: bikini, sandals, and your denim best.

Once you're out of the water, either dry off or warm up! 
No sense in catching a cold when it's still technically summer.

So what are your long weekend #OOTDs? Let us know in the comments!



Now that you're all set for Back to School (you. are. welcome.), we want to make sure you're also lookin' good off school property! We all have different ways to use our downtime. Some of us are knee-deep in team sports, while others really like to relax on weekends #SleepingIn.

So what does one wear to all these amazing extracurricular activities? Comfort. That's what we wear. MOVE by Ardene covers chilling out to working out. From running shoes & sports bras to sweatpants and hoodies, we've got every activity covered. Even if you're just encouraging the BF up in the bleachers or hitting up the gym, casual wear is screaming your name, girl.

Option 1: Bleacher duty
Scream for the home team in a tee and your fave sweats. Sneakers & sunnies complete the look!

Option 2: Morning track run
If you're of the early bird variety, here's a cool option for you: look hot on the track in athletic shorts, sneakers, and sweaters. Throw on a beanie for attitude or rock the top bun!

Option 3: Hangin' with the fellas
Better not be cutting class! Leggings are a magical thing for every girl out there. Wear them with muscle tees and baseball caps.

The new MOVE collection is now in stores and everything is buy 1 get 1 50% off! Check it out:


We always get so excited for award shows. We love seeing our favorite stars win awards, listening to their super-long acceptance speeches (thanking 50 people we've never even heard of), casually interrupting other people's acceptance speeches (yeah, we remember, KANYE), or performing on stage (hello lip-sync?), and of course, we luuurve seeing who shows up with whom!!
But what do we love the MOST?
We thought that, as a tribute to the 2014 VMAs that went down yesterday, we would revisit some of our fav celebs' memorable moments on the red carpet.
1. Katy Perry & Riff Raff
Oh, boy. First off, we didn't even KNOW they were dating. And second, try to be original, would you, California gurl? We def saw this on Britney & Justin in 2001. Brit took to twitter to write a love note to Katy. Aww, cute <3
2. Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani has come a LONG WAY since fur bras and brown lipstick, not to mention face diamonds and blue hair (which is super in right now, beeteedubs). On the red carpet yesterday, she showed up wearing a hot pink and black bustier top and matching trousers. So hot, right? Keep on trending, Gwen.
3. Ke$ha
We were SO surprised to see that Ke$ha showed up looking GORGEOUS...and...totally normal! With subtle rainbow hair and a beautiful white studded gown, she made a huge leap from her Xena Warrior Garbage Bag days. #welovethis Ke$ha
4. Beyoncé
It's Queen B! We always loves what she wears, no matter the occasion. Mrs. Carter looked supafly in a long black lace number, but we couldn't help but reminisce the days when she matched her sparkles to Kelly and Michelle #bringbackDestinysChild
5. J.Lo
You may think that Jennifer Lopez was showing a lot of skin in her astounding silver cutout dress, but that's NOTHING compared to when she showed up at the Grammys with Puff Daddy wearing THE green floral "dress". We will always remember, J.Lo. No matter how long you rock it on American Idol.
6. Iggy Azalea & Nick Young
Iggy is probably one of the most listened-to artists of 2014, with so many hits we can't even count. She showed up to the VMAs with Nick Young, and we couldn't help but wonder...are we looking at the next Mariah & Nick?
Enjoy your Monday, even though it's Monday. Listen to some tunes on our SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/ardene198) and tune out the background noise.


Similarly to the Harlem Shake of 2013, the ALS #icebucketchallenge has been taking over everyone's feeds for the past week or so. There was no way we were going to pass up the opportunity to donate to a good cause, so we filled our buckets and accepted the challenge.

Have fun watching us get soaked! 


We nominate YOU, our fans to take the #icebucketchallenge! Share your videos using #ardenecares in the next 24 hrs & Ardene will donate $10 to ALS for each new video.


In honour of #tbt, we thought we'd share things that made our day, way back in the day! 90s fashion isn't the only thing making us smile.
Oh Aladdin... #RIPRobinWilliams sniff sniff :'(
Baby Spice #girlpower
 TY Beanie babies... oh how many have been collected over the years! #toomuch
Game Boy Color... you were so not cool if you didn't have one #Nintendo
Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears. 'Nuff said. #bestcoupleever
Lip Smackers, gotta eat catch them all!  #flavours #tastychapstick
Mary-Kate & Ashley...back when they were referred to as "The Olsen Twins" (Psst...is..is that denim overalls and plaid? So avant-garde, girls.)
Magic School Bus or Bill Nye the Science Guy, anyone? #90sShows
If today is #TBT... it means tomorrow is #TGIF!!! Yay, the weekend!



You know that song you keep hearing, and you don't know what it's called or who sings it, but you love, love, love it so much? Welcome to our world.
We've been swept away by Mr. Probz's Waves, more specifically the Robin Schulz remix. After at LEAST a week of humming the tune off-beat, and singing the wrong lyrics, complete with a horrifying rendition karaoke-style, we finally figured out what it was! We will also never ever ever accidentally delete our Shazam app ever again. 
A fun, super catchy beat with an appeasing "makes you wanna chill-dance" vibe to it, Waves has been trending like CRAZY this summer. And, as we are not ready to let summer go just yet (we still have til September 21st, calm your mittens down) this song is perfect for keeping us in the summer beat (lol, get it?).

*Video sourced from YouTube.com
So good, right? We're hitting repeat on that like it's free donuts. But instead of donuts, it's music. Almost the same.


Hey, hey, hey... it's #flashbackfriday!!! Ever had a bad case of the misheard lyrics? We have them all the time... and it's pretty much always funny. Since everybody is in a "back to school" frenzy (so sad, right?) we've been OB-SESS-ING over plaid this week. Like we mean Ob.Sessed. 
We SWEAR we heard Dave Clark Five singing "Plaid All Over". Obvi, they were singing their 1964 hit "Glad All Over". Anyone down for some retro beats right about now?
Anyone also wondering why we were listening to this 60s song in the first place? Oh, life's little mysteries...*breaks into dance*
 *video sourced from www.YouTube.com
There are so many ways to wear plaid, the fact that we can wear it all the time kinda makes us glad (better get brownie points for rhyming like Busta). Here are 5 looks that are abso-freakin-lutely perf for everyday life: 
 Look #1 - The "High-Waist No Time Looking Fab" (if you're French Canadian, that sounded like a perfectly normal sentence, lol)
A nice & classic plaid shirt here, a cute high-waisted short there, and BAM... you look awesome.   

 Look #2 - The "I Look Farm-idable In My Denims". OMG, this look, though. And by farm we meant farm, and yes, you'd look amazzzzzing wearing that. Sleeveless front-tie plaid blouses and distressed denims have been married for like, ever. Do it.

Look #3 - The "Don't Mess With Me, I'm In A Plaid Mood". So you think you're so tough? You probably are, because you're pulling off plaid leggings and a denim jacket. Hats off to you, gorgeous.

Look #4 - The "I Get Straight A's All Day Every Day", and by that we mean Awesome, Amazing, Astounding... [insert Hallmark Greeting Card Compliment Here]. When sporting this look, there's no mistaking you're a prepster going to college to study how to continue being stylish (and stare at cute boys say whaaaat).

Look #5 - The "I Tour With Nirvana In My Dreams". Because we all fantasize about rocking out with Kurt (and rightly so, his style started a revolution), pulling off this look is a breeze. Denim, check. Grey cut-off t-shirt, check. Plaid shirt tied at the waist, check. Statement necklace? Why not!

These looks aren't half plaid, right? (okkk we're done with the plaid jokes!)
 TGIF ;)


This past weekend (like you might have noticed here) we hopped a plane and headed West  with our #ARDENEROCKS B.C contest winner Leslie and her bestie Heather to check out the Squamish Valley Music Festival! Nestled between Whistler and Vancouver (hello, the most beautiful scenery ever!) is where the magic happens. Boasting sweet artists like July Talk, Bruno Mars, Arcade Fire, Lykke Li, Chvches, Tokyo Police Club, Phantogram and Eminem, let's just say, we had a blast. And the real slim shady definitely did stand up! 

What festival would you want to see us hit up next year? Let us know in the comments!


There's no reason to "hideaway" when you're rockin' denim like this!

Singer/Songwriter/Dancer Kiesza knows what's up! This little Canuck showed us exactly what's going down in every girl's wardrobe, aka serious denim. #addicted

*video sourced from YouTube.com

Get #instafamous with skinnies, a bandeau and cool slip-ons. There are so many ways to wear denim, but this is definitely a fave. For the classroom, tie a plaid shirt around your waist for that 90's grunge look √† la Kurt Cobain. Bright lips to match are next level bold (and so are the ultimate comeback: denim overalls). 
Are you game? 

p.s. Find your fave fit during our denim event going on now #Skinny #Curvy #Boyfriend #Jegging



We are so excited to share our new Fall video! 
Share the rules you live by using #ARDENEWILDCHILD 

Rule #9: Stay forever young
Rule #32: Act like you own the place
Rule #3: Stand out from the crowd
Rule #26: Don't be afraid to Move
Rule #7: Long hair, don't care
Rule # 19: Dance like no one is watching
Rule #34: Get carried away

*video shared from YouTube.com

Leave us a comment with your fave look!


We're packing our bags for Squamish Valley Music Festival and we can't wait ;)
Here's a sneak peek into what we're packing! 

From Coachella to Osheaga, and now preparing for Squamish Valley Music Fest, we thought we'd share some of the best packing tips we've learned along the way! 

1) Pack some extra large Ziploc bags.  They will come in handy if you need to pack a wet bikini.

2) Bring a little change purse where you can store your cash. Most festivals do not take debit or credit and you do not want to lug around a super heavy wallet.

3) Pack an extra phone charger! Insta shots and selfies drain your phone's battery life.

4) It is always useful to have a reusable water bottle to fill up at the festival watering stations.

5) Pack closed toe shoes! At our first festival, our feet got so dirty in the sandals, everyone knew we were first timers!

6) A plaid shirt is essential. It is on trend and a key-layering piece, especially for night time. 

We'll be posting live from Squamish all weekend long, so be sure to check us out on insta



You know when you're checking your Instagram feed and see #makingmemories? Well, this weekend was one for the books. Or your intsta feed. 

We've been looking forward to Osheaga since, well, last year's Osheaga. The weekend came and went, and what we are left with is some awesome new friends aka Jess Frayne and her BFF Grace, the endless videos we took of  Jack White, The Temper Trap, Haim & Lorde (to name a few), and these festival photos that we just had to share with you!  

Our model Lexi's first festival. Ever! So happy we got to be a part of that! #festivalnewbie 

Meet Jess Frayne, our #ARDENEROCKS contest winner from Mississauga, ON.

Haim! #nowords


Oh, Temper Trap. We could listen to you play Sweet Disposition over and over again! 

Stay tuned for more festival fabness as we hit up Squamish Valley Music Festival this weekend!

Oh yeah, and #ARDENEROCKS!