You guessed it, it's time for a showdown. We love to hear musical artists give their take on an original, and sometimes it turns out even better!
Some singer/songwriters have a knack for making songs their own so much that we don't even realize they covered them. Check out our Fall playlist on Soundcloud for Lorde's cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"; it's creepy-good (here's the original version of the 80's classic).
Anybody remember that SUPER catchy "Whip my Hair" tune that Willow Smith (Will Smith's daughter) came out with in 2010? Ms. Willow's all grown up now (she's almost 14!!!) and did this AWESOME (might be an understatement) cover of King Krule's "Easy Easy".
Here is Willow's version of the super-cool tune:

Now, here's the original version of the song by King Krule (and we love.):

What do you think? If you know of any other good originals vs covers, let us know in the comments.


If you haven't heard about our collaboration with Childhood Cancer Canada yet, here's an insider peek at the making of our lookbook! Scroll down to meet our models Lexi Wood and Childhood Cancer survivors Amna & Ashley.

We've also got a sweet contest going on and here's how you can enter to win a $1,000 shopping spree or 1 of 3 $50 gift cards! 

1. Click here to access the lookbook
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4. Go to the last page of the lookbook, and hit"click here"
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6. You are now in the running to win $1,000 ARDENE SHOPPING SPREE!

*We are donating $1 to Childhood Cancer Canada for every new FB like!  
You like and we donate? That's genius!

Ready to meet our models? Here they are!

 Amna, 19 years old, from Burlington, ON.
Favorite food: Chocolate wafers
Secret beauty tip: Drink tons of water!
Style icon: Olivia Palermo

Ashley, 17 years old, from Gatineau, QC.
Favorite food: Paninis & pasta
Secret beauty tip: Sunscreen all day, every day!
Style icon: Adriana Lima & Blake Lively

Check out what they did all day with Ardene model Lexi Wood:

Just kidding, not all day.
 K, maybe a little.

Oh, Lexi. We <3 you.

 So how did our models feel after a day of lights, camera, fashion?
"Everyone at Ardene was really welcoming and really made the day unforgettable! I feel very privileged and I had so much fun!" -Ashley

"It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!  The amazing team at Ardene made the entire experience so special and enjoyable!" -Amna


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Ardene & Childhood Cancer Canada have teamed up once again.
Between September 24th & October 8th,
Ardene is donating $1 to Childhood Cancer Canada for every new like on Facebook. 

As a thank you for your like, you could win a $1,000 shopping spree! #fashionaddiction
Once you've liked our Facebook page, you can go see our latest lookbook! On the last page of the lookbook, you can click to enter the contest.
Good luck!


We are so excited to finally take out those knit sweaters and boots and scarves, without feeling like we're shunning summer away.
To really get into the fall beat, here's a playlist with great tunes to give you that "cozying up on the couch with a blanket and cocoa" feeling.

Have you checked out our Soundcloud, yet? Check it out here.
Let us know in the comments what your favorite song is and it might be featured on our next playlist!


Heading into our last summer weekend, we thought it would be great to revisit our favorite things and give a great send off to the warm season.
1. Make homemade lemonade (bonus points for mason jars!)
2. Go out for ice cream (with sprinkles, of course)
3. Plan a weekend road trip
4. Get a last wear out of your favorite summer dress (even if you have to wear it with tights and a sweater!)
5. Make an album of your summer memories
Let us know what you're up to this weekend in the comments.


We've spotted some super cute looks on celebs! So when you get the itch to go shopping for some new outfits, take a look at these 3 and their inspiration for some serious celeb-spiration!
Nicole Richie wears the hat like nobody's business. (M'lady, *tips hat*)
Wear yours with denim and a cardi, too.

Lauren Conrad stripes the world with her bold rayures.
Copy her look with a striped knit sweater and your fave denim for a flawless outfit.

Being pretty in denim has always been Blake Lively's Upper East Side everyday activity.
Denim, whether in jeans or in a jacket, is always great worn with a accessory.

Who said you couldn't wear all 3 looks at once? A hat, stripes and denim sound like a success. What's your go-celeb to style-watch? Let us know in the comments below.


There's something mystical about folktale music.
We absolutely loved Ed Sheeran already (marry us, Ed, please!), so when he was a featured voice on one of the Hobbit soundtracks, crooning tales of mountains and fire, we literally could not contain our headphones.
"Oh, haiiii Ed," said every girl, ever.
Here he is, evoking the seasons & weathers of the misty eye of the mountain: 

Video source:
Like, how can you not love the middle-earthy acoustic sounds of the Brit red-head hottie, #amiright? Quite frankly, he could be singing about belly buttons and we'd buy his music.
Tell us what your favorite acoustic song is in the comments below.


Although it is technically still summer, autumn is definitely in the air (especially now cue teeth chattering), it's time to start thinking about all of those fun fall activities.
Stumped on what to wear on your fall-tastic adventures? Here are some cool outfit ideas.
If you're going apple picking with your buds...suit up with a leather jacket and some distressed denim. Make sure to have pockets so you can stuff them with apples. We won't tell. Look like this:
If you're planning on being all outdoorsy and stuff ("Gooooooo YOU!" says us on our couches) then make sure you're cozy and cute in this when you go on that hike:
When picking out the perfect pumpkin for your crafty side (you're either super hardcore and getting yours at the pumpkin patch, or you #shotgunned it to the nearest supermarket) wear this:
Fall is for football, and homecoming games are awesome! Stay warm and sporty yet super girly at the game in this:
If you want to stay home and be awesome, here is the perfect outfit for baking and cooking those fall goodies (ahemmm pumpkin and apple pie #thatsit):
Share with us your best fall outfits on Insta using #ARDENEWILDCHILD!!
Have fun this weekend!


Ahhh, #TBT, you're back. We love you because you're so close to Friday, yet we get a blast from the past that makes the day not so bad.
You know what also makes the day not so bad? #ThingsThatMakeUsSmile. Let's hop on the girly train and talk about our feelings. Just kidding. Let's look at kitties & shoes instead!
To start off the day...#addiction
You should also know what you're ordering #skinnyvanillasoylattebro
Maybe some funfetti cake to go with that #I'llDietTomorrow
Why not throw in a little sorbet, it's good for the #soul
You know what else is good for the soul? Sleeping baby dogs.
And maybe puppies wearing tutus #can'thandleit
Also, curious kitties? #toomuchcuteness
How about the perfect princess room? #dreaming
Or the perfect pair of shoes! #loubs4life
We hope you all enjoy your #TBT and all the things to make you smile.

MUSIC MONDAY: FALL EDITION shops have started serving up their famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes again, and you know what that means: FALL IS NEAR!
Someone do a coffee run, ASAP. We want comfort in a cup, in our bellies, right now.

What better accompanies comfort than music and a cozy getup? Those leaf-strewn grounds full of red & orange will have you begging for some sweet fall tunes.(#iTunesDownloadSpree, anyone?)

Here is a list of cool indie bands to refresh your iTunes this fall.
On that note, let's revisit an old fall favorite:

 Video source:

Let us know what you've been listening to lately in the comments below!


Superheroes are making a comeback, and they're not just for the nerds!

Licensed tees are perfect for layering (above) or solo (below). And trust us, you won't be alerting the geek squad anytime soon... 

Hey, did you know you can also wear them in your dreams? Oh yeah, it's happening.

Let us know in the comments below who your favorite superhero is!


Getting a new Fall wardrobe is exciting, but getting to wear it is even more fun. However, if you're looking to extend the life of some of your key summer pieces, here's how to transition into fall like a pro!

It's still warm out, so pick your favorite tee or tank; these summery pieces are good all year round!

Bit of a breeze? Throw on a plaid button-down, long sleeve or sleeveless. It's a great colorful layer!

You're getting colder! Put on your new fall jacket! We know you've been dying for an excuse to wear it.

For full-on autumn chill, complete your outfit with a warm scarf. Brownie points if it's a woolly eternity scarf!

Falling into fashion has never been more fun!

Now you know how to layer when it gets cold! Share your lovely layered looks with us on Instagram using #ARDENELOVE! Stay warm, fellow internet friends.