Here it is yet again, the last day of the year. New Year's is almost always synonymous with "New Year's resolutions." We want to give ourselves a good starting point to accomplish something.
Do you make resolutions each year? I know I can't cuz I lose focus, and then make a resolution about being healthier and ...ooh look A CUPCAKE!
I like to think that resolutions should mean something, maybe even a daily action you accomplish. Let's call them New Year's Challenges.
Let's start off with 5, and I challenge you all to build your list! Make 2015 interesting, make it memorable, MAKE IT COUNT!
This is a wonderful discovery. The Ulysses Bucket List is designed to give someone you meet a challenge to accomplish, and receive a challenge from them in return. You must have already accomplished the challenge that you pass on to the person. It can be something as simple as reading a book of poetry, or something #craycray like skydiving! You have a lifetime to do it.
2. Leave the country, by any means
Get outta town, literally! Take this year to leave the homeland and travel abroad. Got no cash? Got no problem! Apply for a volunteer job in a faraway land or to school abroad, and get some air under your wings. Like Elvis said, "It's now or never."
3. Keep a diary (a real one!)
 We all have computers and tablets and the latest in tech, but whatever happened to the good ol' paper diary? There's just something about writing in pen your thoughts, ideas, feelings, adventures, misadventures, and everything in between. The way you write and your penmanship is part of who you are, so make it a memory!
4. Save up, no matter the amount
Get a "no-touch account." What's that you say, Miss Piggy Bank? A no-touch account is a bank account that automatically gets money transferred to it every week (or bi-weekly) that you cannot take out (unless you meet up with a financial advisor). If you set yourself a goal of $10/week, next year you will have a nice little sum of $520 to spoil yourself with.
5. Break a bad habit
Why not try? It's a bad habit for a reason: it's baaaad, gurl. Stop biting those nails. Quit frying your hair with that curling wand everyday. Try not to say "like" every other word. Don't skip breakfast anymore. Turn down the volume in your headphones: you only get 1 pair of ears! It might be hard at first, but once you realize that you've broken the habit, you will feel like absolute gold!
And with these I leave you to celebrate the end of yet another year. I hope you take this change of year to change something about yourself that you've been meaning to, and to change someone else's life for the better! Happy New Year, be kind, and pay it forward!


#Ermergerd, 2014 is almost over!!! Cheers to all! This year has been an incredible one musically speaking, and we just thought we would share 2014 -all of it- in a nutshell, in cover form! Because, you know, we don't do things halfway ;) Here are 4 amazing YouTubers covering the year in this cool and catchy mashup!

Have a lovely Monday, and enjoy the rest of 2014 TO THE MAX!!!


"I know exactly what I'm going to wear for New Years" said almost no one ever! And we get it cause this isn't your average day at school or work. We're talking NEW YEAR'S EVE. This is huge!!!
Lucky for you, it's Boxing Week, and you can go get this sweeeeeet outfit to wear right now, at a MAJOR discount in stores.
Our tops are up to 70% off, and our denim and leggings are 50% off! Say whaaat! Not only is that amazing for your after-Christmas budget, but this outfit is #everything. You can get some major wear out of it long after the holidays!


Nothing like the holidays to stay in, make yourself a cup of cocoa, and binge-watch Christmas movies. We all have our favorites, from kid movies of our childhood, to recent movies we can't pass up!

Here's what we'd call the cream of the crop! 
1. Home Alone
Everyone loves watching Kevin MacAllister mess things up for those burglars!

2. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
 He does it again, but this time, his plans are diabolically sweeter.

3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Chevy Chase is amazingly funny in this not-to-miss Christmas tradition.

4. The Santa Clause
Laugh your pants off when Tim Allen slowly turns into Santa.

5. Fred Claus
Vince Vaughn is Santa's out-of-control brother. Worse than your brother.

6. Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Jim Carrey is hilarious as the grouchy, grumpy, evil green Grinch. His dog Max is just plain adorable.


7. Elf

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and rock that movie marathon!


We are fully saturated with Christmas music right meow, and if you aren't already, go step foot in a mall (AKA ARDENE) to finish up your Christmas shopping: it's delirious with yuletide tunes!
So we propose something different: what's old and new and oh so good? A Backstreet Boys cover maybe? Yeah, yeah, you're welcome.
Here is Charlie XCX, singer of the ever-catchy Boom Clap covering BSB. Enjoy!

She sounds a tad like Gwen Stefani, wouldn't you agree?
Have a great Monday, and most of all, Happy Holidays :)


The holidays are a wonderful time to let your inner Martha Stewart shine. Here are some fun and creative ideas for DIY tree ornaments!
Here is what you'll need for a variety of ornaments:
-Clear glass or plastic globe ornaments
-Chalkboard paint + chalk
-Sponge brush
-Letter beads
For the chalkboard ornament, paint the entire globe and let dry 1 hour.

Paint a second coat and let dry another hour.
For the winter wonderland globe, string the letter beads through some rope and tie a knot on each end. Using whatever branch you have, cut up some pieces small enough to fit into your globes. Add in glitter for fake snow.
For the feather globes, insert small feathers and matching glitter into your ornament. You can even put in some secret messages!
The rope globes are the most rustic and easiest: just stuff in some rope and voila! It's cute as is!
They all look so cute in the tree!!!
Chalk up a message on your chalkboard globe! #SoCute #ChalkboardObsessed
Have fun! Show us your ornament skills with #ARDENEDIY on Instagram!


It's the holidays, and there's nothing better than pairing two of our favorite things on this lovely Monday afternoon: Contest + Instagram = Love <3
Actually, make that three. Cause we're gonna throw a Christmas playlist in there #YOLO
 Here's what you have to do for the 10 DAYS OF ARDENE GIVEAWAYS:
1. Follow us on Instagram @Ardene
2. Enter the daily contests we post! Just go to our Insta everyday and see what you're challenged to do!
3. We're giving out prizes everyday! Contest details below, under the playlist.
And now, here's a sick Christmas playlist for you... and it. has. everything.
From modern tunes to oldies but goodies, you can jam with Grams or chill with your girls.
No purchase necessary. Contest is valid from December 15th, 2014 at 11 am EST – December 24th, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST. 1 entry per person per day. Participants must follow @Ardene on Instagram as well as participate in the daily challenges. This contest is a game of chance. 
Winners will be announced daily on Ardene’s Instagram. Participants will be required to provide their full name, daytime mailing address and Instagram handle in order to claim their prize. Participant information must be sent to contest@ardene.com within 72 hours of the initial announcement. If this time frame is not met, it is at Ardene’s sole discretion to select another winner. This Contest is open to legal residents of Canada and the continental U.S.A., except for Alaska, who are thirteen (13) years of age or older. A person for whom a publicity contest is carried on, his employee, representative or mandatory, a member of the jury and the persons with whom they are domiciled may not enter the Contest. All applicable federal, provincial, state, and local laws and regulations apply to this Contest. By entering this Contest, the participants (and their legal guardians or parents) agree to the terms and conditions of these Official Rules. This Contest by Ardene is void where prohibited by law.

Pas d'achat nécessaire. Concours valide du 15 décembre 2014 à 11h HNE au 24 décembre 2014 à 23h59 HNE. 1 participation par jour par personne. Les participants doivent suivre @Ardene sur Instagram ainsi que participer aux défis quotidiens. Le concours est un jeu de chance.
Les gagnants seront annoncés à tous les jours sur l'Instagram d'Ardène. Les participants devront donner leur nom complet, l'adresse d'envoi de jour, et compte Instagram afin de recevoir leur prix. L'information des participants doit être envoyée à contest@ardene.com dans les 72 heures suivant l'annonce initiale. Si cette période de temps n'est pas respectée, c'est à la discretion d'Ardène de choisir un autre gagnant. Ce concours est ouvert aux résidents légaux du Canada et des États-Unis continental, sauf l'Alaska, qui ont treize (13) ans ou plus. Une personne participant à un concours de publicité, son employé, représentant, ou mandateur, membre du jury et personnes avec qui elle cohabite ne peuvent participer à ce Concours. Toute loi et régulation fédéral, provincial, d’état, ou local applicable s’appliquent à ce concours. En participant à ce concours, les participants (ainsi que leur tuteur légal ou parents) acceptent les termes et conditions de ces règlements officiels. Ce concours par Ardène est nul là ou interdit par la loi.


It's the holidays, and it's time to hang up your reading glasses and put away your books (unless of course you're taking a cue from our recent post: GOOD BOOK SERIES TO RE-READ OVER THE HOLIDAYS.) If you're studying away from home, the holidays mean a reunion with the fam jam which also means swapping Mac n Cheese for mom's delicious roast beef (#woot!) Perhaps you're flying out of town to visit your grandparents, or heading to your cabin in the woods to spend some quality time in nature. 
No matter where you're going, or how you plan to get there, we've got your outfits covered!

If you're roadtrippin' to the country...

Whether you have a 2-hour drive or a 12-hour drive to get back to your childhood cottage, comfort is key. You'll be getting out of the car to fill it up,  stock up on snacks etc...so a sporty jacket, earmuffs, and mittens are a must! Denim is never a miss, and cozy sweaters are always a good idea.

If you're riding the gravy train home to the fam jam...

 Trains are sick because a) you don't have to drive and b) you don't actually have to do anything and c) CHOCOLATE VENDING MACHINES. Since you can literally kick off your shoes for the ride, get cozy to the max. We're talking leggings, sweatshirts, and that big ol' winter bomber coat you have that can withstand Arctic Canadian temps.

If you're flying like a fly guy to see the g'ma and g'pa...

Airports can give off a bit of a love-hate vibe. Either they're smelly, jam packed, ugly, or your plane is delayed OR they're frickin' awesome and the magazine stands are full of Keeping Up With The Kardashians gossip, the Starbucks is right next to your terminal, and your Boeing is on time. Being comfy on a plane is more than important, it's essential.

A cute knit sweater and a killer mesh maxi skirt are the way to go. No one is forcing you to be that girl. You know, that girl! Are you making me say it? THAT GIRL who looks like she just rolled out of bed and past security. This has mad class that your grandparents will appreciate when they meet you at baggage claim. #awww 

Let's just clear this up right now. You don't need to be in heels to wear a skirt. Instead, go for these combat/construction style boot that are comfy and warm!  

Happy travels friends! Share your adventures in your Ardene outfits on Insta using #ARDENEHOLIDAY 


In light of the upcoming holidays, we wanted to share with you everything naughty and everything nice that we have available for those stockings, presents and parties!

One for you and two for me
I'm spoiling myself under the tree
I'll spoil you too, don't you worry
I'll stuff your stocking with all these goodies!

Head over to  www.ardene.com for awesome gifts for friends, family, and of course, yours truly, you!
Happy shopping xox


If you've stepped foot in a store recently, you'll know that Christmas music is owning all speakers right now. For those of you who aren't quite there yet, or who like to reserve holiday music for when school has officially halted for 2014, here's a playlist to tickle your eardrums. It's got everything: Diplo beats, chill indie, and jammin' lyrics.

Click HERE to listen!


Happy Friday, everyone! We are getting so stoked for the weekend, but we can't say that we were disappointed in today: we just baked up a storm!
Everything from cupcakes, rice crispy squares, marshmallows, and salted caramel cookies to donuts, cheese scones, gingerbread cookies, banana bread and blueberry muffins were baked and brought in for the cutest bake sale ever. Money was raised for a local charity just in time for Christmas, and we got to stuff our faces with finger-likin' goodness. Win-win, right? #SugarRush
Here are some decadent close-ups of our models from today: desserts.

Have a great weekend! xox


Go on, give into your inner Christmas craze! These nails will really get you into the x-mas spirit... so let your creativity out!
Start out with the colors you want to work with. We wanted to stick to tradish yuletide tones: red, silver, gold, glitter, white, and green.
You'll want to pick a base, cuz you know we're all about that base (see what we did there?!) Apply and let dry completely aka don't you go off doing something that's gonna smear everything you just worked for. Oh we know (everybody does ittttt.). You can even add a top coat to make sure that your nail adventures don't disturb your base.

Pick an accent nail that you're gonna bedazzle up in heeerrre. Here's an original one (not): the ring finger. Now tape that baby up.
Paint over your tape job with a contrast color. To go for the candy cane look, use red & white (you goooo Glen Coco!)
How about a Christmas tree? Cut pieces of tape in diagonal (like the pic below) and shape a tree to your liking. We like our trees to be a little bit chubbs mcbubbs, but you can fashion up your trees all tall and slim, too.
Paint that fir green!!!
*Literally can't even right now, so cute.*
Here are some fun options for you! Just remember to have polish remover close by. So if you slip, use a Q-tip!
Show us your pretty Christmas nails using #ARDENEDIY on Instagram!
Have fun xox