Happy freaky Friday, y'all!
We don't know about you, but we've been getting Intense Shopping Syndrome as of late. ISS is a serious condition that can only be fixed by going shopping and buying new things for your closet.
Items you spend on can range from obsessed-wear & normal-wear to never-to-be-worn-again. The latter is unfortunate, but we all get a little excited when we shop, and we sometimes buy things that we won't wear (like, ever.) but we find them super cute!!!
Trust us, this won't ever happen with these bad boys aka you'll wear them all the time! Here are 3 things you need NOW (aka go this weekend). Yes, they scream Spring, but whatever! We're so excited! PS these items can be winterized and summerized so there's your excuse right there if someone says, "omg Karen, you can't just buy stuff."
1. Socks with sandals (yes, gramps!)

Ok, so some of you might have to ease into this one. But socks with sandals are like boyfriends and best friends: when it finally gets too warm and you ditch the socks, the sandals are still there!

2. High-waisted denim shorts

Does this look scream Coachella or what. Even if you're not going to dance in a desert with people covered in feathers and paint, the festival look is something to have and cherish. Although it's minus deathstare degrees outside right now, you can still rock these with tights when the weather is a bit more forgiving.

3. The tradish graphic tee

*Traditional* aka with cats on it #loveforever. This tee is for cat & dog lovers alike! T-shirts are good all year, because when it's colder you can throw on a hoodie and when it's warmer you can wear it like I woke up like dis. Don't forget your cargo pants and your boat shoes (a sentence we never thought would ever be uttered...but look how adorbs!)

Have a nice weekend!
Go freshen up your closet a little, it's good for the soul <3


Got a t-shirt that you love love love, but feel like giving it a little update? Anything is possible with scissors, dear (except running, don't run with scissors). Licensed tees are so cool to own, so why not make them unique to you? Here are 2 cool tees that we modified to fit your style.

How to DIY your graphic tees

Here's what you'll need...
-A graphic t-shirt
-A pair of sharp scissors
-Measuring tape
-Fabric chalk or a marker
-A flat surface
Let's start off with Bambi. Bambi is adorable, cute, whimsical... and Bambi needs a trim. Time to crop this baby!
First, lay the t-shirt down on a flat surface.

Then, using your measuring tape, measure where you'll want to crop the tee. We decided to chop 8 inches off this bad boy.
Using your fabric chalk (or whatever you've got), make a mark where the line has to be drawn.
Then, flip the measuring tape so it goes across the t-shirt. Draw a dotted line to guide your scissors.
You'll want to cut just above the line you drew so there are no traces of chalk on the t-shirt you'll be wearing. Go on... snippety snip!
Oh, look! IT'S ALIVE!
Measure, dot, snip, and done. Look how cute Kass looks!

Now.... let's try something different. How about some Vader action up in here?

We're totally gonna muscle tee the Justin Bieber out of this t-shirt.
First, draw the dotted line where you'd like to cut.
Do this on both sleeves and cut away, bro.

OMG you're gonna look so... muscly? Yeah muscly...in your new tee.
Yeah, that's right, Yo soy tu padre...your sleeveless padre!
Show us your mad DIY skills by hashtagging #ArdeneDIY on Insta & you could be featured on our feed.
Happy snipping! xox


With Spring Break around the corner, some of you will be off to warmer climates to enjoy el sol.
Although the beach requires less clothing to wear, it doesn't mean we all don't go through the whole "what am I going to wear" before we head out. Sandy beaches aren't just for bikinis anymore, they've made way for the large array of accessories that we can't live without!
Find out which bundle you would bring to the beach with you by taking the quiz below:

1. You have a dinner party to go to and all your friends are going to be there. You style your hair:
a) In a top bun, because you love the "out of your face" look
b) In old school classic waves, à la Serena van der Woodsen
c) Au naturel; you have zero time for styling and you let it do its thang

2. You win a trip to the beach and have 3 options. You choose to go to:
a) Belize 
b) The Hamptons
c) Laguna Beach

3. Your summer go-to sandal is always:
a) your boho laid back sandals 
b) your crystal-studded leather sandals
c) your trusty rubber flip flops

4. You wake up late and have to do your makeup on the go. Before you leave, you grab these 3 items:
a) bronzer, gold eye shadow & gloss
b) black liquid eyeliner, matte red lipstick & falsies
c) a BB cream, lip balm & waterproof mascara

5. Who is your celebrity girl crush?
a) Kylie Jenner
b) Taylor Swift
c) Shay Mitchell

6. What guy would you take to prom with you?
a) Harry Styles
b) Brooklyn Beckham
c) Nash Grier

7. Would you rather:
a) go swimming under a waterfall 
b) sail on a catamaran with your fam-jam
c) play beach volleyball against a team of hot guys

8. You've got your headphones in and you're jamming away. What are you listening to?
a) Beyoncé
b) Ed Sheeran
c) The latest Diplo tracks

9. It's a rainy Sunday and you are staying in. You're wearing:
a) Yoga shorts and a tank
b) Sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt
c) Sweatpants and a school tee

10. Time for a mani. You always tend to go for:
a) Nude
b) Classic red
c) A different color on each nail









If you've answered mainly A's, you're:

Tropical Trendsetter

 Your style is chill and inspired by the mysteries of the rainforest. You love pineapples and prints. Flowers and ferns. Neons and hints of neutrals. Flower crowns? Uh yes please! Your outfits are always crowd pleasers and you instantly put people in a good mood with your positive & happy vibes. #GOODVIBESONLY

If you've answered mainly B's, you're:

East Coast Charm

You have the words "sophisticated style" down to a tee. High-waisted shorts and stripes are always your first choices, and your accessories scream "I just came back from sailing, don't mind me." Sometimes you rock the red lips even though you're at the beach. Who says you can't, anyways?

If you've answered mainly C's, you're:

South Beach Sportsmanship

You mean business. If there's a volleyball game planned, you're already stretching. The beach is your playground, and your accessories are there to help you win. One-piece swimsuits and flip flops are the easiest thing to have on when throwing a Frisbee. Winner takes all, after all.

Check out our new spring break arrivals here!



Oh, Kodaline, we love you for coming out with a new album!! The latest tracks featured on the 2015 album Coming Up for Air are mellow, upbeat, romantic, indie, catchy, and everything in between.
We love a good indie band, and Kodaline never disappoints. As some bands we absolutely love aren't always played on the radio, we thought we would share their music with you right here. And, as always, one song from Kodaline is never enough, so we're sharing the whole album!
Check it out below, and if you want to skim through it, make sure you don't skip Honest (and the acoustic version!), Ready, Play the Game, and Love Will Set You Free. They're totally worth the listen!

 Let us know what your favorite albums have been lately in the comments!
Happy musical Monday xox


Want to impress your friends or your crush this V-day? We got something that's so easy to make, it's foolproof. Or in this case, lovefool proof.
White Chocolove Popcorn...mmmmm...
All you need is love this:
8 cups of popped popcorn
2 cups of white chocolate
Conversation hearts
Confetti candy hearts
A baking sheet lined with parchment paper
A large mixing bowl
A double boiler
In your double boiler, melt the white chocolate. DON'T EAT ANY, YET!
In a large mixing bowl, pour your melted chocolate over your already popped popcorn and stir until all is coated.
Spread out your choco-popcorn on a baking sheet and sprinkle on some candy!
Wait at least 10 minutes for the chocolate to settle and then break into chunks to serve!
Now what d'I tell ya. Easy Yeezy.
"This popcorn's free and so's my heart k now buy me flowers."
We hope you have a lovely Valentine's day filled with friends, candy, chocolate... and love <3.


Valentine's Day is almost here, and it falls on a weekend this year! Which means uninterrupted fun at the movies, at the restaurant, or chilling at home!
And we wanted to do something cool just for you, so....

Can you guess how many items are in the jar?
Here's how to enter:
1) Follow us on Instagram @Ardene
(if you're already following us, skip step 1)
2) Click on the post of the jar full of goodies
(just like the one in the pic above!)
3) In the comments section of the pic, comment how many items you think are in the jar
(for example: "I think there are 50 items in the jar.")
We will announce the winner on February 15th, 2015 below the original Instagram contest post.
Scroll down for more details on the contest rules.
No purchase necessary. Contest is valid from February 11th, 2015 at 12 pm EST – February 14th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. There is 1 way to enter this contest: (1) Participants must follow @Ardene on Instagram during the allotted time period and correctly guess the number of items pictured in the jar posted on Ardene’s Instagram.  If the participant already follows @Ardene on Instagram, they are eligible to guess. All guesses must be provided in the comments section on Instagram.  Please note that your Instagram profile must be public. If more than one (1) person correctly guesses the amount, the winner will be selected at random. This Contest is open to legal residents of Canada and the continental U.S.A., except for Alaska, who are thirteen (13) years of age or older. A person for whom a publicity contest is carried on, his employee, representative or mandatary, a member of the jury and the persons with whom they are domiciled may not enter the Contest. All applicable federal, provincial, state, and local laws and regulations apply to this Contest. By entering this Contest, the participants (and their legal guardians or parents, the case being) agree to the terms and conditions of these Official Rules (the “Rules”). This Contest by Ardene is void where prohibited by law. Winner will be announced on February 15th, 2015 below the original Instagram contest post. Winner has 72 hours to reply via email. Email address will be provided by Ardene at the time of announcement. It is at Ardene’s sole discretion to choose a new winner if the 72-hour time frame is not respected. Only 1 prize to be won. Over a $150 value in total. 
Pas d'achat nécessaire. Concours valide du 11 février 2015 à 12h HNE au 14 février 2015 à 23h59 HNE. Il y a une façon de participer à ce concours : (1) Les participants doivent suivre @Ardene sur Instagram pendant le temps alloué à ce concours et deviner le nombre d’items photographiés dans le pot sur Instagram. Si le participant suit déjà Ardène sur Instagram, il est éligible. Toutes les réponses doivent être sous forme de commentaire sous la photo sur Instagram. * Veuillez noter que votre profile doit être publique. Si plus d’une (1) personne devine le bon montant, le gagnant sera choisi au hasard par Ardène. Ce concours est ouvert aux résidents légaux du Canada et des États-Unis continental, sauf l'Alaska, qui ont treize (13) ans ou plus. Une personne participant à un concours de publicité, son employé, représentant, ou mandateur, membre du jury et personnes avec qui elle cohabite ne peuvent participer à ce Concours. Toute loi et régulation fédéral, provincial, d’état, ou local applicable s’appliquent à ce concours. En participant à ce concours, les participants (ainsi que leur tuteur légal ou parents) acceptent les termes et conditions de ces règlements officiels. Ce concours par Ardène est nul là ou interdit par la loi. Le gagnant sera annoncé sur l'Instagram d'Ardène le 15 février 2015 sous la photo d’Instagram originale du pot rempli d’objets. Le gagnant a 72 heures pour répondre par courriel. Une adresse courriel sera fournie par Ardène au moment de la révélation du gagnant. Il est à la discrétion d’Ardène de choisir un nouveau gagnant si le temps alloué de 72 h n’est pas respecté. Seulement 1 prix à gagner. Valeur de plus de 150 $ au total à gagner.


What's a Valentine's day without mushy, lovey dovey music? It ain't one, sugar. Whether you're tied to the hip, BFFing it or flying solo, Feb 14th is a day to celebrate love.
"Awww...BFF love."
 No need for roses or chocolates this year, because music is sweet on its own.
Pop in your earphones and let it take you! From slow jams to pop anthems, we've got it all in this hour+ playlist of luuurve.

We are excited to announce that we are now on Spotify! Follow us @ ArdeneRocks & listen to our playlists.



Valentine's day is for...BFFs? You know it. This year, forget the guy. It's all about that friend who sticks by you no matter what. 

Get your best friend a little something that shows you love them dearly! Here are 5 things to gift them this Valentine's:

1. A heart t-shirt
What more can you say? That's love right there. And every time she will wear it, she'll look over at you and stick her tongue out. Because that's how y'all roll.

Childhood classics. You're never too old to wear them. BFF pride!

I'll do yours if you do mine, #bro. Throw in a mud mask and you've got yourself a man-repelling evening.

4. Candy
Best. Thing. Ever. Besides, best friends don't give best friends salad, duh.

5. Chick-flick movie night
These are in the "NO BOYS ALLOWED" category. Boys have cooties, anyways:
Mean Girls
The Notebook
Bring it on
10 Things I Hate About You
Valentine's Day
The Parent Trap
How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days
27 Dresses
A Walk To Remember
Crazy Stupid Love
He's Just Not That Into You
13 Going On 30
The Devil Wears Prada

Have a great time planning your BFF Valentine's day!!!


"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."
-J.R.R. Tolkien

We traveled to Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, off the beaten path and straight into a dream of colors, scents & sights. Our girls explored their new surroundings and found that wandering the unknown isn't as frightening as it may seem.


We hope you enjoyed a sneak of our Spring 2015 photo shoot in beautiful ¡Mexico!
¡Hasta la vista, baby!


Is it time to break a sweat yet?
Are you the type that needs a bit of a push when it comes to your workout? Or are you a #naturalbornkillah on the treadmill?
There's nothing better than sticking those earbuds in and hearing sweet, sweet tunes that make you want to move.
So on this motivational Monday, we made this just for you - 50 minutes of uninterrupted jams. Go ahead, dance like no one everyone is watching:

Happy Monday, and most importantly, have a beast mode workout!