We all have our guilty pleasures and this week, we've been guiltily OB-SESSED with an app called My Idol. (Bear with us, it's a Chinese app, and fully in Mandarin! We hear there's talks of an English release soon. Maybe even one for Android.)

You've probably noticed your fave celebs posting themselves as animated cartoons on Instagram and Twitter and now so can you!

Here's how it works: once you've downloaded the app and watched the intro video (which is actually super useful if you don't speak Mandarin), take a selfie and get ready to laugh your hats off.
You can modify your avatar in every way possible. Hair, eyes, age, outfit, you name it! Then, put yourself in a hilarious setting such as singing karaoke on a pink beach, dancing dressed like a panda, and SO much more!

We took our model Kamilla and transformed her into an awesome Chinese celeb! Ch-ch-check it out below! The quality is waaaay better on your phone p.s.


Follow Kamilla (and what she actually looks like) on Insta @kamillaalnes1

Post your funny MyIdol videos on Insta or Twitter & could be featured!


Last week, we introduced you to Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC: all the who-what-where and why it's so on point with life. We made you a playlist so you could get acquainted with the unbelievable lineup that's going to blow our minds on the weekend of June 5th this year.
In continuation with awesome beats the Big Apple is going to be showcasing (along with delicious street food #hollaleggings #extrawaistroom), we wanted to give you more in depth music knowledge on artists that will be rocking out in Randall's Island Park.
This week's lucky pick is Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.
You know them from none other than British rock band Oasis (cue guitar guys at parties who alway play Wonderwall). Noel & his band will hopefully be jamming up some tunes at GB such as AKA...What A Life!, Dream On and Everybody's On The Run.

Here is The Death Of You And Me and its ghost town awesomness.
Have a wonderfully musical Monday xox


With summer coming real soon we want to be ready for beach parties!
Let's just say it: paradise is pretty much the sun, the sand and a popsicle in your hand.

That being said, here are the essentials you need to pack in your beach bag to have a super-fun-hot day at the beach.  The only thing you now have to think about is waking up in a good mood, snapchatting your friends & soaking up the sun #likeaboss.

What you can't pass up in your beach bag:

1. Bikini (or one-piece; super hot right now)
2. Beach shoes / sandals / flip flops
3. Hat (for sun breaks and on point style, duh)
4. Sunglasses (for creepin'...uhh for the sun, we totes meant the sun)
5. Sunscreen (you'll still tan with SPF 30! Looking like a lobster is was never in style LBH)
6. Body mist
7. Your phone.. for music & life
8. A good book
9. Water bottle (or tumbler with ice!)
10. Some cash for that inevitable ice cream cone later... mmmmm.

Here's what you really can't forget: the Essentials

We all heard it two thousand times: wear sunscreen! It prevents skin damage, signs of aging and cancer. To protect you from burning, you should also wear a big floppy hat. And, to top everything off, wear your sunglasses at all time! Especially if you have light eyes...the sun ain't a buddy to your pretty peepers.

To pass time while toasting under the sun, bring headphones to listen to good music, and also a book... even if it means you're going to read it for 10 minutes and then start staring at those beach bums playing volley #idk #justsayin.

Now you're ready for the greatest season ever. Cause in the end: Girls just wanna have SUN!

Love y'all! xox


Yay it's Earth Day! On this beautiful April 22nd, we wanted to thank Mother Nature by giving you tips & tricks on how to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life.

There are so many things we can do to make our footprint less damaging on this planet, and most of these things don't cost a thang & don't require much effort! #greenmachine

Let's get started.


Get a clothesline or a rack to air dry your clothes. Not only will they keep their fit and maintain their color longer, but you will also save some ca$h! You can even let them dry next to your favourite scents for tantalizing smells all day err day.


We all have them stashed away at our house or in our locker/car. So...use them! They're way easier to carry just about anything, and they look way better than plastic bags.


It’s not only an excuse to clean your closet (when's the last time you wore that?!), but a way to recycle your clothes while having a blast with your friends! Gather some friends with cool style & ask them to bring their unworn or unused clothes, start trading and voila!! You now have a new wardrobe AND mother nature is defs very proud of you.


Because it's good for your computer and because it uses less energy, shutting down your computer aka life will save you some dollar bills in the end. If you're the forgetting type, you can configure your computer to hibernate rather than just go to sleep.


TIME FOR SHOWERS! Because it's faster, cleaner, and uses about three times less water. Baths are fun, but not all the time. Skip the pruny skin and stand under the jet instead.


Buy a reusable water and coffee container. It's a great choice for the environment, your wallet AND it keeps your beverage the right temperature a lot longer! Plus, extra points for cuteness #aintcomplainin.


When you need to wrap a best friend's gift, use your creativity! Wrap it in newspapers or magazine pages to give it some uniqueness. Be creative and funny! It will make the unwrapping a super fun moment. 


Having less cars on the road means reduced gas emissions (and LBH, also less traffic & quicker commuting). When you want to carpool but don't know anyone that's going your way you can rely on different apps like! If you hitch a ride with your buds, you can chat & sing all the way to your destination. Road trip, anyone?


Put on your socks and your sandals, guys, it's hippie time! Just kidding... planting trees is awesome! It's like having a pet that never moves, but you can watch it grow into something amazing!! More trees means more oxygen, so don't be shy!


Going to a farmer's market not only helps the local economy, but on a larger scale helps cut down on transportation pollution. Plus, local fruits, veggies & flowers smell fresh as can be and look so good.

Finally, SPREAD THE WORD!! Share this article with your friends on Facebook! Let's make a change as a community! 



Oh, 'Chella, you're already dead & gone this year. But, have no fear, Governors Ball is almost here!
What's Governors Ball you say? Only NYC's coolest and yummiest 3-day music festival in Randall's Island Park!
Hosted June 5-6-7 this year, Gov Ball not only features the coolest music artists on the planet right now, but also the tastiest food you can find in the Big Apple. That's right, it's food truck madness over there. Who doesn't love artery-clogging goodness while listening to some amazing tracks?!  
Also, ever heard of the expression "dance to the beat of your own drum"? You can do that at Governors Ball too with their "Silent Disco." Everyone is dancing around with headphones on...because there's nothing better than a silent dance off #amirite.
So, to celebrate the new countdown we'll be obsessing over now (#47days til GB), here's an ah-mazing playlist featuring 25 tracks from artists that will play at Gov Ball in NYC this year! Click below to listen or go on our Spotify.

Enjoy xox


The weekend came and went in a flash but we're left with some seriously amazing memories. Between a quick trip to LA, a pit stop in Joshua Tree, to dancing our you know what's off in the desert, we're definitely feeling #BLESSED right now. Scroll down to see some exclusive pics we didn't share on Insta

#VanceJoy :)

Peace out Coachella! We already have weekend 2 fomo!



After an awesome weekend in California we had to say goodbye to Coachella. :(
We have come home with no voice, ringing ears, sand in our bags, and amazing memories.

 Here's one of our fave moments with Vance Joy that we'll definitely never forget.

Stay tuned for a full Coachella weekend recap this Wednesday!


The day has finally arrived... it's music festival time!!! And, when we celebrate the beginning of fest season, you know what that means....
Wanna get some free stuff? Of course you do. Ardene's bursting with ahhh-mazing festival apparel and you could win by just following us on Insta!

We're giving all. weekend. long. #wut
Want in on this contest? Here's what you gotta do.

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That's it!
Winners will be contacted via DM on Insta April 14th.
If you're already following us, you're eligible!

For more deets, read below...

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Look who it is! We are with the lovely Norwegian beauty Kamilla this week and we couldn't be more excited. Our beautiful model came to see us for a few days and was super excited to do this how-to blog post with us!

Here's how to get the perfect temp tats on your skin. You'll need your tats, some water, and a sponge or rag or paper towel (we used a makeup sponge).

Step 1: Take your flash tattoo and peel off the plastic layer. Press the tattoo down onto the skin firmly.  If you don't want the whole tattoo, cut it! Select what you want as a tat and cut around.

Step 2: Take your very damp cloth/sponge and sponge water over the entire area, pressing down firmly. Keep sponging for a good 30 seconds!

Step 3: The cardboard paper should now be soaked. Gently & slowly peel back the paper to reveal the imprinted tattoo! Let air dry.

Don't stop there! Change your outfit and keep layering them for a different look. Flash tattoos are cool in a group!

Beautiful!!! You're fest & beach ready.

Tips: avoid creams and lotions that contain alcohol. This will remove the tattoo. Once you are ready to take it off, take a cotton pad & some rubbing alcohol and gently rub in circular motions.
Show us your temp tats on insta using #ardenerocks.


We wanna get in the mood. Coachella is this week, baby! And on Saturday, we get to see alt-J (also known as ).
This British indie band is so sweet, not to mention their music videos are like, the epitome of indie cool. We thought we'd share a cool clip from their latest album that came out last fall, This is all yours.
This is Left Hand Free, and you're gonna wanna go swimming in a river after watching, guaranteed!

Happy Monday! #4days


EASTER IS THIS WEEKEND!!! We're so excited for chocolate. If you're going over to someone's house and want to give them a little something personal, here's an idea: decorate your own little burlap bag to stuff with goodies like chocolate and candy!
We got some plastic Easter eggs and filled them with yummy goodies, put a little bit of straw in the bag and voila! Let's be honest, Grams might shed a tear.
Here's what you need! (feel free to add/subtract any of these)
Drawstring burlap bags ( we got ours at Michaels) 
Glue gun & glue sticks
Fabric markers & sharpies
Glitter glue
Mini letter beads
Plastic Easter eggs
Candy/chocolate of your choice
Colorful straw
& anything else you want to get creative with!
Step 1: Start by blinging out your bag. You can write a message, bead someone's name, a poem, a catchphrase...the sky's the limit! 

Step 2: Go nuts with glitter! You can write up anything you want and use your glue gun to make the glitter stick.
Here we are halfway... no one said it was a clean job!

Step 3: Take your eggs and fill them up with dat suga. We want Grams to be totally hyper this Easter (sorry Gramps!).

Step 4: Put some straw at the bottom of your bag and fill it with eggs. So cute!

Time to give the gift of hyperactivity! Warning: all the candy may or may not be eaten within, like, 10 minutes.

Who cares, it's Easter!!!

Have a great weekend! xox


Hey, we're only human. Forgetting things is part of our nature. But man, does it suck! You had the perfect outfit planned and oops! you forgot the most important part of it at home. Bummer, no?
Luckily for you, we gotcha covered.
We thought up some AH-mazing outfits that you can wear to your fave music fest this season (tbh, you can wear these looks anywhere). Scroll down for all the inspo (alert: bikinis!), and at the bottom...SURPRISE! We've made you this insane printable checklist to make sure you don't forget any wardrobe item!
To make sure your head isn't in the clouds before you leave, check off this bad boy! Right-click and print it for a guaranteed smooth packing sesh!
Happy shopping! xox