Are you all prepped and fly for the 4th of July?


Independence Day is a great excuse to get your Americana style on. To go with all those fireworks this year, we're pimping this awesome distressed denim jacket into an American dream. 

PS --> this DIY isn't just for July... you can flaunt it all year.

Step 1: Paint the base of the chosen area white so that the paint colors pop. Let dry COMPLETELY.

Step 2: Paint on your stripes. We went for a vintage look, so we smudged the jacket and didn't worry too much about being perfect.

Step 3: Paint the base of the star side blue. Let dry COMPLETELY! Unless you want your stars to be baby blue #ewwww.

Step 4: Time for those white stars. You can either freehand them (like we did) which does imply risk of your stars looking chubbs mcbubbs, or you can use a stencil. We chose to live dangerously --> freehand baby. LET DRY COMPLETELY!!! (colors will darken a bit)

Step 5: Flip that jacket over. It's time to do the back. Repeat steps 1-4 on the upper back.

Step 6: This is optional (yeaaaaahh, but it's the cool option). Pick a saying and paint it on the back.

On a scale of 1 to America, how freakin cool do you look right now?

Happy 4th of July and enjoy the festivities!!!


If you're counting the days to Osheaga like we are, you must be getting antsy, too. It's the best of the best when it comes to indie-style music festivals in Montreal and we. can't. wait.
This year it's happening July 31st - Aug. 2nd and it's gonna be H-U-G-E. We're talking Florence + the Machine, Kendrick Lamar, The Black Keys, alt-J, Ben Harper, Of Monsters And Men... you get where this is going--> #StarstruckCity.
Here's a compilation playlist of everyone we're so excited to see this year at Osheaga.

If you don't have Spotify yet, get on it babycakes! It's free and we're there with the best tunes ever. Follow us @Ardenerocks and you'll have access to playlists for daaaaays! #amazeeee
Happy Monday


School's out, the sun is shining, the windows are down and music is blaring out of your speakers. What could be more perfect?
You speeding away for the perfect weekend camping getaway. There's just something magical about escaping the city and driving down tree-bordered roads to the lake.
When the perfect song plays at the perfect moment, that's when you're making memories. When you're sitting around a campfire, that's when you're making s'mores #noregrets
 So enjoy that weekend getaway and try to relax, breathe, and recharge for this amazing summer that won't stop getting better.

If you're going away for Canada Day or the 4th of July, here's a playlist for those long car rides. Stop to fill up and get a lemonade to sip on while you cherish these road trip moments!

Happy camping, campers <3


July 1st is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate! Whether you're partying with friends or family, at home or away, there's always room for cool props to wear on Canada Day!

Time to step away from the tradish and into the original. This year, we're makin' cool Canada Day sunnies with beaded letters!

Psst...Sunnies are 2/$15 in stores right now!!!

Step 1: With your letters, choose your saying and select your beads! We approve of anything with "eh".

Step 2: Heat up your glue gun. Once it's hot, you can start gluing your beads on! We decorated the top of the frame as well as the stems.

Step 3: The glue will set within a few seconds... so you can wear them instantly! Aren't they full of amazingness?!

Happy Canada Day everyone!
Show us your DIY sunnies on Instagram using #ardenediy.


So, if you've been keeping tabs on our festival journey, there was Coachella, then there was Gov Ball, and now we're talking Osheaga baby! When we're done with you, you're gonna be a music festival expert. #yourewelcome

So, to quickly recap Osheaga and all it's awesomeness...It's been around since 2006 (crazy how time flies!) and has definitely been dubbed Montreal's prime summertime indie music festival. For 3 days, the coolest of the cool perform on different stages in Parc Jean-Drapeau on the beautiful Ile Ste-Hélène just minutes from downtown Montreal. You can easily get there by car, metro or even bike! Hello Bixi bikes! This park is the perfect mixture of forested areas, little rolling hills, flower beds, the St. Lawrence River, oh and the F1 racetrack that wraps around and throughout the fest grounds. Um, pretty cool if you ask us! Plus, from the main stages, the downtown skyline creates the most beautiful backdrop!  #photoop anybody?

Now for the foodies...oh yeah, Osheaga will have your cravings covered. Last year we had so much fun food truck hopping from Lucille's Oyster Dive for Lobster rolls, then to Le Cheese Truck, then for a delicious lemonade, then a cheeseburger at Nouveau Palais...You get the point... Not gonna lie, as excited as we are for Florence, and The Black Keys, we're also pretty stoked about the food truck game this year! 

So music, food....FASHION! Osheaga is a mecca for  trend spotting. Magazines, newspapers, bloggers, editors, photographers etc...flock to the fest to photograph the latest and greatest trends. Wanna increase your chances of getting snapped by, oh say...Elle Canada, (like our model Lexi did last year!) shop our festival styles here

Speaking of snapping pics...have you snapped your best fest ootd for our #ARDENEROCKS MONTREAL contest yet? You + a friend could win a trip to MTL + tickets to the hottest festival this summer!


Wanna win a trip to MTL and rock out at a Music & Arts Festival? Say no more. We've got the perfect contest and we want YOU to enter.
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3) For those of you entering on Insta, you'll get an auto message with a unique link. Put that link in your internet browser, and follow the steps to complete the submission form to enter! 
Here's last year's MTL+Osheaga trip winner Jess Frayne who had a blast with her BFF Grace!

The winner will be announced July 2nd on Insta & Facebook...so keep your eyes peeled!


She's tall and gorgeous. Graceful and SoCal. Crazy down to earth and just a teensy bit nerdy.
Meet Jess. We. Love. Her.
Last time she dropped by our photo studio for some camera lovin', she spoke about poutine in Neil Goldman's voice from Family Guy while posing like a pro... Sooooo we obviously couldn't let her leave without filling out the Ardene quiz  (which she dutifully completed like homework). 
Scroll down and get to know her a little better! 

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MUSIC MONDAY: Summer '15 Workout Playlist

#6days until it's officially SUMMERRRRR! We know summer means great weather and sunshine, and we also know it's prime time for outdoor workouts.
Whether you like hiking, biking, running, dancing, or hitting the gym, one thing no one can pass up is sick beats that keep you motivated.
Sooo...we created the ultimate playlist for you over on Spotify! 

Plusss, some of our MOVE collection is currently BOGO $5! Aka buy something you love, and get another something you love for $5 (you'll probs wanna get that promo times 10, you know, because...SHOPPING!).
Check it out and follow us for other amazing playlists!

Happy Monday xox


Our New York weekend has come and gone, but what a weekend it was. Lexi had tons of fun taking over our social media and sharing her adventures with you guys.

We really enjoyed performances by Lana Del Rey and Angus & Julia (cuz Julia ROCKS!), and couldn't believe the beauty of the Manhattan skyline at sunset.

Here's a peek at our amazing musical moments at Governors Ball this year!

Check out our INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT (@Ardene1982) for more pics & vids!

Q&A with model Lexi Wood

We're heading out to Gov Ball in #2days and guess who's coming along...

She's hijacking our Insta (@Ardene) and taking you for a ride around NYC...
get to know her quirky side by checking out the Ardene quiz below!


More than ever now, we're itching for this coming weekend...BECAUSE IT'S GOVERNORS BALLLLLL!!! #4days #cantwait #wontwait
So, to put us in the mood of packing, getting ready and heading to NYC, we wanted something upbeat, rock n' roll, and a downright classic.
We obviously went with The Black Keys
Not only have they had highly successful songs over the years, but full on successful albums that you can blast from beginning to end. Check out Psychotic Girl, Lonely Boy, and Howlin' For You for the ultimate jam sesh.
Until we twirl & jump at Gov, here's Tighten Up, a great song with a hilarious music video.

Have a great musical Monday xox