#TBT: OSHEAGA '13-'14

We love a good throwback, and tbh, there's nothing better than looking at old pics and reminiscing.
Since we're heading to Osheaga tomorrow for the 2015 edition of our fave Montreal music festival, here are our fave moments from past years.

If you're at Oshie this weekend, don't forget to come see us if you spot this flag and if you're wearing Ardene! We'll snap your pic and you could be featured on our Insta ;)


Time to be a selfie Super Hero™ & to...

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Stay tuned to find out how to take the absolute best Super Hero™ selfie!!!
For complete rules & regulations, visit ardene.com. 


We never thought there would come a day when Taylor Swift would meet her match in terms of awesomeness. 

This little rascal has been recreating some of Swifts best Instagram photos and we. can't. even.

Literally, two of the best things, like ever.

And if the photos weren't enough to melt your <3. Watch this!

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It's totem time. We're headed to the Osheaga Music & Arts Festival in 10 days and we wanted to make our presence known! We'll be rocking this flag in the crowds, so if you're wearing Ardene, and you spot this flag at anytime during the festival, come see us! We'll snap your pic and you could get Insta famous on our Instagram and at ardene.com #cyberceleb

These totems are seriously great if you're travelling to a fest with a huge crew of friends. Some of you wanna catch Kendrick, the rest want to swoon with Florence? No worries. If you've got your own totem, you can split up worry-free knowing you'll easily find each other later by spotting your very own flag! Here's how to make your own so you never lose your friends again!

You will need:
-A branch
-Decorative beads
-Twine rope
-Suede rope
-Glue gun & glue sticks
-Paint pens or paint & brush
-A scarf (an old one or a sweet new one)
*Pick a color theme you'd like to work with so that your flag looks bomb! We went with turquoise, beige & brown.*
Step 1: Wrap some brown suede string around the bottom of the branch for a comfortable handle. Secure it in place with some hot glue.
Step 2: String some beads onto twine for a cool bohemian vibe. You can make these as long as you want and secure the ends with knots.
Step 3: Glue some feathers together with hot glue and wrap some beige and black suede string around the stems. You're going to tie these strings around your stick so repeat this step until you have as many "feather strings" as you like!
Step 4: Grab a scarf you don't mind cutting up and, well, get to cutting! Cut fringes on the ends so you can tie them around the branch. 
Step 5: Time to tie and glue everything all along the branch. Adjust the length of your feather and bead strings here. Voila!

Optional: If you want to paint or make designs on your branch, go ahead! The more the better.
Enjoy this amazing DIY, and don't forget to look for us at Oshie!


If we had to pick who our favorite artist or band playing at OL this year was, we'd probs have a hard time choosing (although...you know. Elton John. ELTONfreakinJOHN!).
There are SO many artists we love and wish we could teleport to each stage.
 But for this guy, we'll teleport pretty much anywhere. World, meet Shakey Graves. He's absolutely full of awesomeness.
His real name is Alejandro Rose-Garcia, and he mashes blues, country, and rock n' roll together like nobody's business. If you haven't heard of him yet, def check him out, he's worth every second.
Sit back and listen to his new album.



Wanna be insta famous? Who doesn't! We love insta, and we know you do too...so why not reach celeb status with us? 

Here's how:
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Here are some of the submissions we love so far:

We love getting pics from you guys, so don't forget to hashtag us after you snap an insta-masterpiece!

Have a great weekend and click-click-pose-click


The Minions have taken over!

Want a chance to win an awesometacular Minions prize pack?
Check out the Twitter contest below!

Hurry! Contest ends July 23rd.


We are 25 days out until San Francisco and the one and only Outside Lands music festival. With excitation and sadness in our hearts (excitation because hello--> Elton John; sadness because--> last festival of the year), here is a compilation of songs we cannot wait to hear live.
Without further ado, enjoy our amazing 2015 Outside Lands playlist, available to follow on our Spotify!

If you wanna literally be in San Fran with us, enter our contest! Submit your best festival look and hashtag #ardenerocks on insta. You and your bff could come chill with us in SF.
Happy Monday


The roads were calling to us, the sun was peeking through the cloudy sky, and we knew it was time. So we packed our bags and hopped in the car for a camping weekend getaway.

We closed our eyes and pointed to a spot on the map. Our adventure would take us to Shawinigan, in the backwoods of Quebec. The air smelled promising.

After many winding roads and endless playlists, we found what we were seeking: Camp Minogami. Let the adventures begin.

The camp smelled of memories of decades past, the decor a nod to all coziness we had hoped for.

The lake was constantly whispering for us to jump in, and the wind brought us smells of the surrounding forest.

Clad in our best boots and comfiest clothes, we tread through the woods with the echoing crunch of leaves. Together we walked.

Our friendship would forever be solidified. The bond was eternal, we all knew it. The camp had made us sisters.

The feeling of freedom was contagious. For a bunch of girls like us, this getaway weekend was a breath of fresh air.

Our canoe rides took us beyond the lake and into the river, where we reflected on coming back soon.

And the sun promised us we would be back someday.

We hope you enjoyed the story of our camping weekend getaway.


You have to admit: our music festival coverage is on point! After Osheaga in MTL, we're headed to Outside Lands in San Francisco, CA. That's right, we're literally teleporting ourselves from festival to festival #summergoals

Outside Lands is a music, food, comedy and arts festival taking place August 7th to 9th inside Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. You get to indulge in Chocoland (yes, your life is now complete) and Candybar Dessert Lounge (*drools*) while chilling out and listening to Mumford & Sons and Sam Smith. Uhhh, can anyone say paradise?

Since 2008, O.L. has hosted artists such as Radiohead, Black Eyed Peas, Muse, Paul McCartney, Kanye West and Haim. This year, we're enjoying us some Elton John, Billy Idol & Kendrick Lamar #wassup on the many stages that the eco park offers.

 With big names like that and drool-inducing grub, not to mention it's in San Fran, aka coolest city in Cali, it's becoming another must on the festival list (like Coachella, Gov Ball, Osheaga...)

Did we mention you and your bff could win a trip to San Fran? Snap a pic of your best festival outfit and hashtag #ardenerocks on Insta or on Facebook! Click here to enter ;)

*All images from the Outside Lands Instagram! 

Happy musical Monday!