Let's take a moment to troll the internet for 10 years...

And go!

The MTV VMA's happened last night of course, unless you were in an unfortunate wifi/satellite accident and you live like Patrick Star and weren't aware...

He lives under a rock, get it?

SO many things happened during AND after (aka on the Twittersphere) that we wanted to make sure you knew exactly what everyone on the interwebs would be talking about for the next...uh, let's say 2 weeks.

But first...obviously Kanye had to say something. Again.

We're not evening joking. Kanye West has announced that he would be running for President of the good ol' US of A in 2020. For obvious reasons of course. He once proclaimed himself to be the best human being ever #KeepinItRealK. If you don't remember, take a look at his Twitter, it's like a love letter to himself.

Then... there was your host, the one and only Miley Cyrus. Seeing how she's on a total roll lately with the whole "unique" thing going on, here are some of her major outfits (with minor fabric lolz):

All these outfits are kinda like the 60's meets the future. Skin baring and color pop aside, only Miley (or maybe Gaga) could do this and we be all like "meh." IS THIS WHAT 2015 HAS COME TO?! But we digress.

Speaking of Miley, MAJOR SHADE was thrown her way by Nicki Minaj! The Anaconda singer passively aggressively went off on Miley to let her know she didn't like what she said to the press.
Did you guys see Rebel Wilson being like "ooooohhh snap!"

Nothing says MTV VMA's like the flowing tears of Justin Bieber. The Biebs had an emotional performance and let us all see into his soul. We even cried a little too. We cried when we saw his hair ("I'd like to speak to your manager" haircut) and then we cried when we saw him perform. #respect

And then, there's the drama-free, style-heavy Taylor Swift posse that is just #squadgoals. Let us all take a moment of silence for these birds that are just... I mean... why can't my friends be like thaaat.

Let us know what you thought of the 2015 MTV VMA's by tweeting us @ardene1982.
Happy musical Monday!


Lets be honest, school supplies can be mucho expeeze. But fear not friends, this DIY will allow you to spend more money on back to school clothes (and maybe some new gel pens #swoon.) 

We encourage you to design your own covers, but if you majorly heart ours, use these links to save & print! 

*We bought these notebooks at the $ store if you're wondering! 

Get it? Got it? Good! Be sure to share your DIYs using #ARDENEDIY!



In honour of a new school year, we present to you the top 10 best high school movies of all time. 
If you haven't seen these classics, you need to cue up the Netflix and watch 'em, like, yesterday. 

Five high school students meet in detention on a Saturday. Guaranteed good times, right?  Plus you can't help but be all like Emiliooooo. Starring the ultimate queen of 80's teen movies Molly Ringwald <3

Wise guy Ferris Bueller plays hooky from school (by pretending he was sick, #classic) and spends his day off running around town in a "borrowed" Ferrari, and hiding from his insane principle. Obvious crazy times ensue.

As if we need to explain. Cher (Alicia Silverstone) & Dionne take on the ultimate makeover project, turning Tye (Brittany Murphy) into the ultimate valley girl. Oh and also....Paul Rudd. Enough said.

High school hottie Freddie Prinze Jr. takes on a bet to turn the least popular girl in school, played by Rachael Leigh Cook, into a prom queen. Everything's gotta go to plan, because it's 1999, amirite?

Drew Barrymore poses as a high school student so she can write an article on contemporary teenage culture for work. She somehow (despite some serious awkwardness) manages to infiltrate the most popular clique on campus...and falls in love with her dreamy English teacher. Awww. A must watch for Drew in braces and metallic pink (criiiinnge).

The new kid in town (aka baby Joseph Gordon Levitt) needs to find a guy to date the meanest girl in school, aka the older sister of the girl he's crushing on because she isn't allowed to date until her mean sister does. Bring some tissues, this movies stars Heath Ledger in all his hottness.

The Toros, one of the best cheerleading squads in the country, get a super rude awakening when they learn that their perfectly-choreographed routines were actually stolen from the Clovers- a hip hop squad from East Compton. Now they must scramble up some new recruits and some new material. These are not spirit fingers! THESE ARE SPIRIT FINGERS.

Cady, the new girl in school, becomes "friends" with an A-list clique of girls which is totally fetch until she falls in love with Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of the ultimate mean girl and queen bee Regina George. And that's totes against the rules of feminism.

Lies, rumours, lies, rumours, repeat. Olive (Emma Stone) quickly gets a super bad reputation, but uses it to her advantage to climb the social ladder, and make a little $$$ on the side. After watching this, you will probably have Pocketful of Sunshine stuck in your head for the rest of the semester.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) doesn't necessarily want to be a part of a clique at her new school, but ends up joining the Bellas, a competitive bunch of musical weirdos. The music is pretty awesome, and Fat Amy Fat Patricia Rebel Wilson is hiiiilarious. Don't miss the scene with the burrito, it's da besssssss.

Tell us your fave in the comments!



It's no secret, our pets are like children to us. We love them to death and they're just so adorable! In honor of August 26th, National Dog Day, we've rounded up the cutest of the cute from Ardene Head Office who are guilty of more than just chewing on your new sneaks...they're guilty of being furry little balls of awesomeness.

Take a look inside these canine profiles...

Name: Whiskey
Age: 6
Breed: Beagle
Hobbies: Going to the stables, begging, and watching Shark Week of course!
Owner: Copywriter & Translator

Name: Saber
Age: 6
Breed: Bichon Frisé
Hobbies: Chewing on things that we love, aka shoes!
Owner: Marketing Project Manager

Name: Sonny
Age: 8
Breed: Chihuahua
Hobbies: Ride or die, suckaaaaaz! Sonny like dem motorcycles.
Owner: Packaging Graphic Artist

Name: Picouille
Age: 3
Breed: Dalmatien Lab mix
Hobbies: Going up north for some much needed nature time!
Owner: Lingerie & Swim Designer

Name: Maya
Age: 6
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Hobbies: Playing with, catching and finding any and every stick available.
Owner: Social Media Coordinator

Name: Diesel
Age: 8
Breed: Boxer
Hobbies: Guarding the house from all those other dogs in the neighbourhood!
Owner: Production Coordinator

Name: Toto
Age: 11
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Hobbies: Being camera-ready by camouflaging as a piece of bread!
Owner: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Name: Rosie
Age: 5
Breed: American Bulldog
Hobbies: Snoozing, taking naps, sleeping, dreaming...you get the gist.
Owner:  Stylist

Name: Pebbles
Age: 2
Breed: Yorkie
Hobbies: Being way too adorable not to cuddle with! Also, protecting my mom from everything.
Owner: Apparel Buyer

Name: Penny
Age: 1
Breed: Wheaten Terrier
Hobbies: Hanging out with the cat because, why not?! I'm too cute, she can't hate me.
Owner: Marketing Intern

Name: Troïka
Age: 7
Breed: Doberman
Hobbies: Loves going hiking in the mountains when she's not busy being the boss of the house.
Owner: Visual Creative Manager



We know it's not throwback Thursday just yet BUT we're stuck in another time zone right now. Our collection that just hit stores (and is still hitting stores til you own everything ever ya hear) is giving us intense 70's vibes and like, how can you not turn on your Spotify and explore the good stuff that was blasting on records back then!?

With the fringe, flares and florals that've got us taking long, romantic walks to the store, we wanted music that just went with it. I mean... who can resist some Blondie right now? Or some Joan Jett? OR SOME FLEETWOOD!!!

We couldn't decide what to feature, so like any good shopper who can't decide, we're featuring it all, straight from those 70's chicks that are just so groovy

1. Blondie - Heart of Glass (1978)

2. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (1977)

And... in honor of back to school...

3. The Runaways - School Days (1977)

Let us know in the comments below what your ultimate 70's girl song is!

Happy back to school shopping xo


Montreal's Fashion & Design Festival is defs the biggest fashion event in the city and for the 1st time ever, we had our very own show!

 Canada’s hottest models showed off our new fall collection in front of thousands of fashion enthusiasts who Snapchatted and Instagrammed  away.

For those of you who missed out (shame shame!) we invite you to scroll down for a glimpse at our Camp Ardene 2015 runway show. 

Our models getting ready for the show with the best of the best hair stylist: Marcus! ❤️️❤️️ 

The girls before the show ready to take over the stage!

And it begins... 

Thanks to everyone who made this runway so special! 

Our fall collection is now available online and in stores! 

Don't forget to share your fave fall outfits using #ardenelove! 


This morning, we got to be a part of something truly amazing that we had to share with all of you! 

Ardene had the opportunity to host some of the most wonderful and inspirational girls from the Starlight Foundation at our Place Montreal Trust store to indulge in sweet treats, manicures, shopping sprees and games. Global News joined in to cover the event and to help us raise awareness about the Ardene Cares foundation and our partnership with Starlight. 

Below are some snaps from the event, and if you'd like to stream some segments from the show, click here: http://bit.ly/1gYQJ83

 If you would like to help raise money for our Starlight campaign, simply head to an Ardene store or ardene.com, and make a $2 donation in exchange for a custom polaroid frame! All proceeds will be donated to the Starlight Foundation. 

With your polaroid, we invite you to participate in our Care 2 Snap contest where you could win a $150 Ardene gift card as well as a star in the sky named after you. Pretty awesome huh? All you have to do is hold your polaroid frame in front of something you care about, and upload to Insta using #ARDENECARES. 

There's only 2 weeks left in our campaign to help these lovely ladies, and other children in need, so hurry!

Thanks to Starlight, the families and Global News for the wonderful morning!