ICYMI: We were at the Oscars and we've got all the deets.

You heard right... we partied it up before, during and after the Oscars in Cali! Ardene hosted an Oscar gifting lounge and we were at the Beverly Hilton for the after party! We even got into the Vanity Fair party, aka we were with Nina Dobrev, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift and Lorde...#girlcrush #alamax!

Check out our Instagram for ALL our starstruck moments.

Here are the major winners and performances in case you skipped the show:

Best Actor: Leo Dicaprio #finally #abouttime #marryus
Best Actress: Brie Larson
Best Movie: Spotlight
Leo finally got that well-deserved Oscar for The Revenant after all these years (we cried!), Brie had us all impressed in Room, and Spotlight is a seriously good must-see journalism drama!

Performances by: Lady Gaga, The Weeknd and Sam Smith.
Obviously, all were amazing and very emotional, especially Gaga. Sam Smith won for Song of the Year in Spectre!

An Oscars recap wouldn't be complete without our favorite looks for the night! Here's who wowed us:
Jennifer Lawrence (Joy), Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road), Rachel McAdams (Spotlight).

All three of our faves were spotted wearing bare arms and long sleek dresses with trains! There seems to be a trend with the pose, too.

Let us know in the comments below your fave Oscar moments and if you followed us around Hollywood!
Happy Monday xo


Canada is known for it's maple syrup, super pretty girls, hockey and Ryan Gosling, eh? But what about all the insanely awesome Canadian indie bands? 

From our very own backyard, we're loving: Po Lazarus.

Straight outta Montreal, this indie-folk band was featured in our brand new Spring video Daydream Believer (check it out here). "If You Are Alone" is the sweetest song we've heard in a long time.
They're actually touring and will be in Ottawa on Friday. If you love Father John Misty's vibes, you'll love these guys! 

We're loving: The Strumbellas.

These guys are from the T-Dot, also in the indie-rock vein of music. We've been obsessed with their latest single "Spirits" that will be featured on their upcoming album coming out in April. This is the type of song you quote on social, people!! They're also currently touring the Maritimes and are heading down to the States soon.

We're loving : Japandroids.

A surf-rock borderline punk type duo, Japandroids hails from Van City, which means they've been catching waves to inspire their instruments since forever. We love "The House That Heaven Built" because it's the type of song that can get you really excited about a sunny road trip. Check out their Spotify and get ready to play air drums.

Are you following us on Spotify yet? If not, get over here! We've got the best tunes and the latest playlists.
Let us know in the comments below what bands you're loving!
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Love travelling? Are you obsessed with remembering where you've been and dreaming about where you wanna go? We got you, boo.

Here are some AH-mazing maps that you can print and hang on your wall. Here's what you can do :

For colorful maps, get some pins of two different colors that you can insert. One color is for where you've been and the other is for where you're dreaming of going next. Once you see the mosaic of pins, you'll be itching to leave again!

For black & white maps, you can use colored sharpies to fill in the countries or cities you've visited. The more you travel, the more colorful your map gets!

Select the map you want below and print it!

For a larger printable version, click here

For a larger printable version, click here

For a larger printable version, click here

For a larger printable version, click here

Let us know where you've been and where you're going!


Tu adores voyager? Tu veux toujours te souvenir des endroits où tu es allé et les endroits que tu veux découvrir? On a tout ce dont tu as besoin!

Voici des cartes du monde que tu peux imprimer et placer sur ton mur! Voici ce que tu peux faire avec ces cartes :

Procure-toi des punaises de différentes couleurs pour les cartes colorées ci-dessous. Mets la carte sur du liège. Tu pourras ensuite indiquer les places où tu es allée avec des punaises d’une couleur, et les places que tu rêves de découvrir avec une autre couleur!

Pour les cartes moins colorées, sors tes crayons et contourne les pays de tes aventures de voyage passées ainsi que celles à venir!

Choisis la carte que veux et clique sur le lien au bas de chacune pour les imprimer en gros format! Après tout, chaque aventure commence par un rêve! 

Pour une impression en grand format, clique ici. 

Pour une impression en grand format, clique ici.

Pour une impression en grand format, clique ici. 

Pour une impression en grand format, clique ici. 

Laisse-nous savoir les places les plus folles où tu es allée dans les commentaires! 


Closets are a fashionista's favorite place ever. It's a house for your clothes, and it should be kept at its best all the time!
With the change of season and your itch to get new stuff, here are 5 tips to keep your closet organized and looking like a million bucks.

TIP 1: Go through everything you own in there. Take everything out and make 3 bins or piles -
#1 KEEP - the clothes you love, wear often, nicer occasion pieces, etc.
#2 TRASH - the ripped, the stained, and the too small/too big aka the "it's gotta go" pile.
#3 DONATE - the clothes and items that are still in good condition but need a new home cuz you don't wear them anymore.

TIP 2: Regroup your KEEP pile by type - t-shirts, blouses, tanks, jeans, pants, etc. When you hang them you can subcategorize by color. This will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

TIP 3: Put everything on matching hangers and hang them the opposite way you normally would. Once you wear something, place the hanger back the normal way. At the end of the season you'll see what you never wore (so you can donate it!).

TIP 4: Every time you go shopping, you gotta switch something new for something old! If you buy 3 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans, you gotta purge 5 older items that you don't wear. This avoids overcrowding, and ensures your closet stays at its best!
TIP 5: Host a swap party with your BFFs. It's SO much fun. Tell everyone to bring clothes that are in good condition that they want to part with. Sit in a circle and exchange! You can even integrate a "steal" element to the game. It's literally like shopping for free.

Do this every season and we promise you won't be hoarding any old clothes anymore!


Une garde-robe est un endroit magique où une fille garde ses précieux vêtements. C'est une petite maison pour tes pièces préférées, donc elle devrait être en ordre en tout temps!
Avec le changement de saison qui sollicite une toute nouvelle garde-robe, voici 5 astuces pour bien garder ta garde-robe organisée.

ASTUCE 1: Passe à travers tout ce qu'il y a dans ta garde-robe. Sors tout et fais 3 piles -
#1 JE GARDE - les vêtements que tu aimes, que tu portes souvent, les morceaux d’occasion, etc.
#2 JE JÈTE – ce qui est déchiré, taché, trop grand/trop petit bref, ce qui ne peut pas être donné!
#3 JE DONNE – les vêtements et items qui sont en bonne condition mais que tu ne portes plus du tout ou que tu n’as jamais porté.


ASTUCE 2: Regroupe ta pile JE GARDE par type - t-shirts, blouses, camis, jeans, pantalons, etc. Lorsque tu vas les accrocher tu pourras les sous catégoriser par couleur.  Ceci rend s’habiller le matin une tâche sans effort.

ASTUCE 3: Mets tout sur des supports agencés et accroche-les à l’envers. Lorsque tu portes quelque chose, remets le crochet à l’endroit. À la fin de la saison tu pourras distinguer ce qui a été porté et ce qui n’a pas été touché (donc tu pourras le donner).

ASTUCE 4: Chaque fois que tu magasines, tu dois échanger quelque chose de nouveau pour quelque chose de vieux. Si tu achètes 3 chandails et 2 paires de jeans, tu dois te départir de 5 items que tu ne portes pas. Ceci évite une garde-robe entassée et parait beaucoup mieux!
ASTUCE 5: Organise un party d’échange avec tes meilleures amies. C’est TELLEMENT amusant! Dis à tout le monde d’apporter des vêtements en bonne condition qui ne sont plus portés. Assoyez vous en cercle et échangez! Tu peux même rajouter l’élément du « vol » au jeu (comme une pige chinoise). C’est comme aller magasiner sans dépenser!

Refais ceci à chaque saison et tu n’auras plus jamais de problèmes avec le surpeuplement de vêtements dans ta garde-robe!


Less than 2 weeks til March means two things: the days are getting longer and we're approaching Spring, ladies & gents! To kickstart the season early in our ears and in our hearts, here's a musical playlist we've been listening on repeat.

Enjoy these amazing tracks and let us know who your musical crushes have been lately!

Happy Music Monday xo


  Want to be original this Valentine's? We've got the ultimate V-day cards to give to your valentine, no matter how you feel about the love holiday. 

Simply right-click and print the cards below!

For those of you single girls out there who hate Valentine's Day along with every happy person on this planet, these cards are for you. Give them to your bestie!

Follow us on Insta for an upcoming V-DAY contest! #staytuned

Happy Valentine's Day <3


Spring Break - the most exciting of school holidays - is right around the corner! Some of you might be hitting the slopes, but LBH here... who doesn't want a little hit of Vitamin D?

If you're going on a destination vacation, we've got your back. Here's how to pick the perfect swimsuit according to your destination!

If you're heading to The Caribbean...

The Caribbean is an extremely popular destination for Spring Breakers, because it's fairly close. Whether you're island hopping on a cruise or simply jet-setting to an all-inclusive, beach life is what it's all about. 

Sailboats and catamarans are everywhere so why not match your bikini to the lifestyle? 

If you're heading to the Pacific Islands...

What an exotic place to be. The Pacific is rich in volcano islands and tropical destinations that are out of this world. If you go surfing or hiking, you're sure to have fun!

Tropical forests full of flowers are there to be explored. Match your bikini to the surroundings and break out the floral.

If you're heading to Southeast Asia...

You're literally on another continent here. Asia is jam-packed with completely different cultures and landscapes. An extremely popular destination among backpackers, you won't stay in one place too long.

Southeast Asia is full of colors and textures, so it would be a sin to wear a plain bikini. Opt for swimsuits with different fabrics like crochet to up your island game.

Comment below and let us know where you're jetting this Spring Break!
Happy bikini shopping xo

Le guide de maillots pour la relâche

La semaine de relâche
 - le congé le plus excitant à l'école - arrive à grands pas! Certains d'entre vous iront profiter des montagnes poudreuses, mais soyons honnêtes... qui ne veut pas un peu de vitamine D?

Si tu pars dans le sud, on a tout pour toi. Voici comment choisir le maillot parfait dépendant de ta destination!

Si tu voyages dans Les Caraïbes...

Les Caraïbes sont toujours populaires pendant la relâche, car c'est quand même à proximité. Que tu partes en croisière pour faire plusieurs îles ou que tu te rendes directement dans un tout-inclus, la plage t'appelle. 

Les voiliers et les catamarans sont partout alors pourquoi ne pas agencer ton bikini au style de vie marin? 

Si tu voyages aux Îles du Pacifique.....

Quel endroit exotique. Le Pacifique est riche en îles volcaniques et les destinations tropicales sont hors de ce monde. Que tu fasses du surf ou que tu partes en randonné, tu vas t'amuser!

Les forêts tropicales pleines de fleurs sont tellement invitantes. Agence ton bikini à tes alentours et sors le fleuri.

Si tu voyages en Asie du Sud-Est...

Tu es littéralement sur un autre continent. L'Asie est tellement pleine de culture et de paysages merveilleux. Maintenant rendue une destination populaire pour les grands randonneurs pédestres, tu ne resteras pas longtemps à un seul endroit. 

L'Asie du Sud-Est est pleine de couleurs et de textures, alors c'est presqu'un pêché de porter un maillot trop simple. Opte pour des maillots avec des textures et des tissus différents comme le crochet!

Laisse un commentaire ci-dessous à propos de ta destination chouchou pour la relâche!

Bon magasinage de bikinis xo


Super Bowl Sunday. The only day of the year we watch football #amirite? Or maybe we just tune in to watch the halftime show with our mouths full of wings and nachos and---uhhh, we mean kale and avocado...never mind. We had all the poutine.

This year we were privy to an All-Star ensemble: Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé #pantsoptional.
And it. was. sick. 

Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

In case you missed it....This is what went down. 

Coldplay has been around for 20 years, so they had quite a repertoire to perform from. They played a Medley of hits including Viva la Vida, Paradise, Fix You, Up&Up and Clocks, among other songs. It was obviously amazing.

Bruno Mars showed up with Mark Ronson and sang Uptown Funk as he danced with his crew. At this point we're all wondering where Bey's hiding - most likely in the gigantic flowers that were spread across the field. And then, we found her.

Here's the deal; there are two types of people in this world: those who are obsessed with Beyoncé, and filthy liars. She reminded everyone who was queen while performing her newest release called Formation. 

All three acts joined in the middle and at the end to sing together, and it was a musical dream.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite part was, and if you enjoyed the tribute they payed to other performers!

Happy Monday xo


In a relationship or is it complicated? Celebrating with your Gal-entine or  the  Domino's delivery guy? V-day is almost here and we've got the perfect outfit ideas + do's and don'ts for every V-day situation.

DON'T: order something girly (aka a salad); Eat whatever you want!
Hello, it's me, your double bacon cheeseburger...

DO: bring your lipstick for touch-ups later; that burger is gonna get epic smooch marks.

DON'T: watch romcoms, that's too mushy; watch some slasher jaws-y movies instead!

DO talk about boys...cuz there are none around.

DON'T: do something basic like go to the mall; you do that all the time!

DO: go bowling and wear something nice cause you'll want to take lots of pics and share them on Insta to show all the world you're not alone on V-day! 


DON'T: watch The Notebook or any of those Nicholas Sparks movies...Need we explain? 

DO: wear all black, crank up the music and order your fave pizza. You got that 'za place on speed dial anyway, boo.

Happy planning, lovebug xo


En couple ou c'est compliqué? Tu célèbres avec tes amies ou avec le livreur de pizza? La St-Valentin approche à grands pas et on a les tenues idéales pour chaque situation ainsi que des astuces à suivre!

À NE PAS FAIRE commander quelque chose de trop fille (genre une salade); mange ce qui te tente!
Hello, it's me, ton double cheeseburger au bacon...

À FAIRE : apporte ton rouge à lèvres pour en appliquer plus tard...parce que ton burger s'en est occupé. 

À NE PAS FAIRE : regarder des comédies romantiques, c'est trop bisou bisou; regarde des films d'horreur comme Les dents de la mer!

À FAIRE : parle des garçons...parce qu'ils ne sont pas là!

À NE PAS FAIRE : aller au centre d'achats comme d'habitude... c'est plate!

À FAIRE : va jouer aux quilles et porte quelque chose de mignon parce que tu vas prendre tout plein de photos pour Insta! "Regardez tout le monde, on est pas seul à la St-Valentin!"

À NE PAS FAIRE regarder Les pages de notre amour ou n'importe quel film de Nicholas Sparks... pas besoin de s'expliquer!

À FAIRE : porte que du noir, lève le son et commande de la pizza. On le sait que le gars de la pizza est dans tes contacts favoris.

Bonne planification, petite amoureuse xo