In less than 3 weeks, we'll be able to say we saw Guns n' Roses live... Ya.
They're headlining at Coachella, and we're beyond excited for this reunion.
On that note, we leave you with this piece of paradise.

Happy Monday xo


With the festival season underway and the launch of our new Festival collection, we felt it was the perfect timing for these DIY painted feathers!

They're ideal to add to your festival outfits and get into summer feeling wild and free!

Not much! 
Fake feathers (We used ones that were already coloured) 
Paint (We used acrylic and diluted the paint with some water)
Paint brushes

You know the steps!! 
Take your brushes, paint and just have fun!
One suggestion: start by painting your entire feather with as many colours as you want and finish by adding dots and fancy details.  
Get inspired by our feathers 👇👇👇

Add them to your hat, purse, or just about anything and they'll make you 100% festival ready! You can always just hang them on your wall for some pretty awesome festival artwork!

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Let's run away to places we've never been before! With all the beautiful weather showing up outta nowhere, we got the itch for summertime... and road trips! Here's how you can get 100% road trip ready! 

FIRST! Check out Go-Van: a Montreal company that doesn't really have a home... cause for them... home is where you park it! Here are 5 reasons you need them in your life... since like yesterday. 
They're an online magazine about van life culture... To all you wanderers out there, this is for you!

1. They gather road trip stories from all around the world that are so inspiring.

2. It will make you want to sell everything you own and peace out on an adventure.

3. They share the coolest road trip videos and make us live vicariously through their adventures.

4. They gather authenticity from places you've never been before and share real places, real grub, real peeps, and real stories.

5. Their Instagram account is beyond #goals! That's why you need to hit that follow button (down there) and hitch a ride on their awesomeness-mobile.

When you're ready to go, roll down your windows, turn up the sound and tune in to our road trip playlist!

Don't forget to share all your road trip adventures with us this summer using #ardenelove and #funontheroad! 



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Cette saison, pour chaque article de Festival que tu achètes en magasin ou en ligne (achat minimum de 20 $ avant taxes), tu obtiendras un badge de Festival gratuit! Prends en photo tes badges et partage-les sur Insta avec #ARDENEROCKS! Rends-toi sur notre page concours ici pour tous les détails! Suis-nous sur Insta pour ne rien manquer et pour toute l'inspiration festival du monde. 



The days are longer, the sun is stronger, the music is louder and your heart is freer... Inspired by the sunshine chasers and the desert wanderers, our festival collection is perfectly crafted for girls who walk & dance by the sun and who love by moon. 


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Les journées sont plus longues, le soleil plus chaud, la musique plus forte et ton cœur plus libre... Inspirée par ceux qui courent après la lumière du soleil et qui errent le désert, notre collection de Festival est parfaitement conçue pour les filles qui appartiennent à la terre et au ciel.


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In the last 3 years, we've hit the road (and air) to check out some of the sweetest music festivals in North America. From Coachella in Palm Springs, to Governors Ball in NYC, to Squamish in B.C (which we're sad to hear is no more) to Outside Lands in San Francisco, we've been hella busy. 

Inspired by our frequent flyer style, and the festival street style from around the world, our designers teamed up to create the ultimate festival collection. Complete with suede, lace, leather, fringe & denim, it's literally all the things. 

So whether you're attending a festival this season, or simply scrolling through your feed with envy, you're gonna want a piece of this. Oh and when you shop festival, we've got a gift for you that could land you a trip to San Francisco with your bestie this summer...But we'll fill you in on that on Thursday March 17th. So stay tuned. For now, scroll down for behind the scenes shots from our festival photoshoot taken in the desert of Baja, California. 
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Got plans for St. Patrick's day but not really into the idea of showing up in head-to-toe green?
 This tiny DIY is the perfect way to St. Paddy up your outfit without looking like a total leprechaun.
Wear this four-leaf clover for a touch of style and a whole lotta luck.

-Green felt
-Needle and thread
-Your Irish spirit (after all, we're all Irish on St. Paddy's)

1.       Cut 4x 1 inch squares of felt.

2.       Fold each square in half and cut a little scallop at the top of each piece using scissors. You’ll end up with two semi-circles at the top of each piece.

3.       Thread a needle and sew 3 small stitches at the bottom of one square. Using the same thread, repeat on the next square and so on until all 4 squares are attached. 

4.       Pull the thread gently to gather the 4 pieces of felt together. Secure the clover in place with a couple of extra stitches on the back.

5.       Add the clover to a hat, t-shirt or socks and let the festivities begin!
PS: If you don't want to sew the clover right on your clothes, use a safety pin and you're good to go. 

 Share how you rocked your four-leaf clover with us on Insta using #ardenediy & #ardenelove.
And HAPPY St. Patricks Day to all and we hope you have a whale of a time. 



As-tu des plans pour la St-Patrick? Est-ce que tu veux NE PAS porter du vert de la tête au pieds? On est avec toi.
 Ce DIY simple est parfait pour se mettre dans l'esprit de la St-Patrick sans avoir l'air d'un petit lutin folklorique.
Pour de la chance garantie et une touche de style, porte ce trèfle à quatre feuilles.

-Feutre vert
-Fil et aiguille
-Ton esprit irlandais (parce qu'à la St-Patrick, on est tous irlandais...)

1.       Coupe le feutre en 4 carrés d'un pouce.

2.       Plie chaque carré en deux et découpe un petit morceau pour créer du festonné. Tu vas te retrouver avec deux demi-cercles sur le dessus de chaque carré.

3.       Couds 3 petites coutures au bas de chaque carré. Avec le même fil, répète l'étape sur chaque carré jusqu'à ce que les 4 soient cousus ensemble. 

4.       Tire sur le fil doucement pour bien serrer les 4 morceaux. Pour renforcer le tout, rajoute quelques coutures au dos.

5.       Appose le trèfle sur ta casquette, t-shirt ou tes chaussettes. C'est l'heure de fêter!
PS: Si tu ne veux pas coudre le trèfle directement sur tes vêtements, utilise une épingle! 

Partage ton trèfle à quatre feuilles avec nous sur Insta avec #ardenediy & #ardenelove.
JOYEUSE FÊTE DE LA St-Patrick à tous et bonne chance. 



Our new festival collection will make you want to dance in the desert. Guaranteed. But since the desert is not accessible to all of us... We thought of a way to bring the desert to you so you can free your desert heart even at home.. How, you say? Grow your own cactus! 

-Mini mason jars
-Cactus seeds (we got ours here.) 
-Cactus soil
-Saran wrap
-Spray bottle
-Paint, paint brushes & rope 

1.       Put cactus soil mix in your mason jar & sprinkle the seeds evenly over the surface of the soil. 

2.       Sprinkle soil over the seeds until they are just covered.

3.       Spray the soil with water so it is moist.

4.       Cover the container with saran wrap & put it under bright light but not in full sun. 

5.       Make sure that your soil is always moist. 

6.       Tick tock... wait for your cactus to grow!

TADA! Share your cactus with us on Insta using #ardenediy!

Click right here to find out how to care for your new plant. Don't forget to water it at least once a week!



Festival season is approaching really fast and we can’t wait. The 2016 lineup is insane. With hundreds of seriously talented acts to choose from,  you need to properly plan who you want to see ahead of time.

Here are 5 shows that we refuse to miss:

1. Um, yes please. The founding members of Guns-N Roses will be performing together for the first time in 20 years! We’re gonna need to pull out all the stops to be front row cause this is going down in history. 

2. SIA
   This is sure to be a unique and artsy performance that'll give you us all the feels. Fingers crossed that Shia Labeouf appears on stage!

Nora En Pure is part of the emerging scene heading to Coachella. With an indie dance sound, we’ll for sure arrive early to catch their performance! 

This will be so perfect at sunset! So dreamy! 

  2015 was a major year for Ashley Frangipane aka Halsey! Apparently she’s ah-ma-zing live so we can’t wait to see her perform NEW AMERICANA. 

Check out the full lineup below and get festival ready with our new festival collection

Who would make your top 5 must see list? Let us know in the comments!



Free your desert heart with our new spring arrivals.

Inspired by the sunshine chasers and the desert wanderers, the spring collection was designed for the kind of girl who has her head in the clouds but her feet on the ground. She walks with the sun and loves by moon. She’s a daydream believer and she’s not the only one… 

Realize your style dreams this Spring and share your best Ardene looks using #ardenelove!

Get inspired and shop the lookbook below. 


Libère ton cœur désert avec nos nouveautés printanières! 

Inspirée des amateurs de soleil et de promenades dans le désert, la collection du Printemps a été conçue pour les filles rêveuses avec les 2 pieds sur terre. Qui ne vivent que de rayons de soleil et lumière lunaire. Qui croient en la grande rêverie... 

Réalise tes rêves de mode ce printemps et partage tes plus beaux looks avec /ardelove! 

Inspire-toi et magasine le lookbook ci-dessou.